What are you listening to right now?

Recognize the bass player?


Ron Weasley?


Charles Berthoud

Babymetal tickets went on pre-sale, the Babyklok tour. This should be fun, Babymetal and Deathklok


What a combination

They’ve had Avatar, Sabaton, and Galactic Empire open for them on different tours. It’s always a wild ride

So I was just listening to some awesome funk for the Funkiest Bass Riffs? thread. While this is a complete joke, the bassline in this fairly well rocks. Or funks, I should say.


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“Fear expression set in motion
Doubting, amnesia potion
What the hell? Red carpet ride
Is it right

Ha ha ha, the joke’s on you
Dark corner of the square”

Probably the best song about Tianamen. These guys are wild live. Only got to see them once.

You know what Babymetal does better than anyone in the world?

Trolling their fans

What A Trip - Haven’t Heard This Gem In Ages - What Memories Does This Stimulate



ano as a front woman intrigues me

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Gotta be done, both bands dropped new albums yesterday…


I grew up with Sha Na Na and prefer Johnnys performance but this tops the rest

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This is not a cover I would expect a country & bluegrass group to do. I like Molly Tuttle but this definitely took me by surprise. At least there is a bass tie-in: Shelby Means is an accomplished upright bassist. And while watching her I discovered that a Bass Buzz B2B degree does not necessarily give me the ability to figure out what the hell she (or any other upright player) is doing. Looks like she’s having fun though. Great respect for anybody who can master a fretless instrument.




Not bad @Wombat-metal but not a touch on the original imho

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Malcolm Young is my idol. Still, the original doesn’t have the empowerment vibe Joan’s does. When it came out, not many women would sing such a forward song for being judged. Same song, two meanings, I like both for different reasons

It’s kinda like Priests cover of Baez’s Diamonds and Rust. Baez is the better song, but Priest was cutting ground for a metal band expressing vulnerability

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I can’t believe I have never seen this until I stumbled on it last night.
I love Echoes and 2001 (the books at least)
Long but it blew me away



Good to see that punk still lives


Covering The Blue Hearts, another Japanese punk band.


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