What is the thought about Trace Eliot bass amps?

I know likes are very subjective, and there are many great heads, speakers, and combo units out there that will work wonderfully. Back about 36 years ago when I was first looking at bass the Trace Eliot was classified as one of the better upper end units to get. Today I see some nice combo amps and their little ELF amp head which I have to say worries me. Definitely no tubes, just solid state transistors. I assume they work well, but been away so long I don’t know what is what. I’m currently running a Peavy Basic 112, which is a nice practice amp. 12” speaker and I believe 70W of power. Probably good enough for a small venue, but probably Need more power and better sound for consistent gig work, so hope the Trace Eliot will fill the bill. Just like the way they look and the light green paint color is my lucky color.
So just curious how folks feel about T.E. Amps and stuff. I know I love my vintage Fenders for guitar, but thought ZINIO might try my lucky color for my 2nd go around.

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Id like to know the same, just yesterday I saw my local retailer has them, so I watched a lot of videos.

Theres combos 1x8 and 1x10.

And head, 1x8, 2x8 and 1x10 cabs.

Head on both combos and separate is the same, pushing single cab on 130watt and with additional on 200watt.

Through the videos I really liked the sound of if, but Im not sure how gigable it is.

Only important thing I learned is, if your going 1x10 use it only with ELF head, otherwise it will blow up easily. 2x8 doesnt have that issue and supports up to 400watt.

Now what Im not sure about is how gigable it is.

But they are effin lightweight.

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I had the Elf head and the 1x10 cab.

The head had a noisy fan, which ran constantly and was annoying at practice volumes. Overall the combination didn’t sound great, although I must admit that I never got to try using it with others because it stopped working after a week or so of home use.

I bought it based on the great reviews everywhere, and it was a huge disappointment.

I returned it and got a GK MB combo amp, which I love.

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Is it Gallien Krueger MB150s III, 100 watt, maybe? I have option to get it, and I like it in amp sim, but it’s 12’’ sounds kinda too smooth for my taste.

I have the MB112, 200w with a single 12” speaker.