What's the deal with effects and pedals? (Also: sound in general)

What kind of jacks Joe? FYI, even though a lot of amps have an effects send -> effects return, most bass players just run pedals before the amp (bass -> pedals -> amp (preamp -> poweramp -> speaker).

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Yes I realize that, @JoshFossgreen . . . :slight_smile: . . . and thank you!

I was just kidding around a little bit. As you say, there are effects send & return jacks. There are also footswitch, aux in, XLR line out, & headphones jacks . . . plenty of room for expansion later on. But I could use the footswitch to toggle the overdrive circuit on and off.

Sorry if I caused any confusion . . . :blush:

All best and thanks again, Joe


Ah, gotcha. The humor went straight over my head, I must have had it stuck in “the low end.” :guitar: :stuck_out_tongue:


G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome
Used in a sentence; “Dude quit GASing and practice.” Or, “Eric was really GASing for the Aguilar Octamizer.”

Car guys like more car parts.
Tool guys like more tools.
Gun guys like more gun parts.
Computer guys like more computer parts.
Bakers like more kitchen tools.
And Musicians like more gear.

I’ve known each of those people and they all GAS the same. They just GAS for different stuff. For all of them there is a combination of hobby, artistry, and usability to what they do. Also, as Josh said, it’s FUN! It’s fun to get new stuff to play with and experiment with.

Having said all that, Yeah, this sh*t can get really overwhelming.


True words! GAS gets all of us, and we are all, openly or secretly (wrt our better halves) scheming to get that new piece of hardware… Entire basses and big amps are kinda hard to bring into the house undetected, but, hey, better to ask for forgiveness than for approval :grin:

That octamizer will never even register - go for it :crazy_face:


An interesting comparison on the subjects of so many effects pedals for guitar and bass would be keyboards. You and I choose to buy a pedal (or 10) to fulfil a need/desire, but there can’t be many keyboards that don’t have dozens (hundreds even) of effects built-in as standard. The keyboard player doesn’t even choose to have them - they’re just a button away whether they asked for it or not. Even my wife’s electric piano has several voices, the option to sample (emulate?), and numerous percussion options, and it really is sold as a piano, not funky futuristic keyboard.

Spot the guy growing up through the 80s based on my language.


guitar/bass pedals often work well with a synth, by the way :slight_smile: