What's the deal with effects and pedals? (Also: sound in general)


What kind of jacks Joe? FYI, even though a lot of amps have an effects send -> effects return, most bass players just run pedals before the amp (bass -> pedals -> amp (preamp -> poweramp -> speaker).


Yes I realize that, @JoshFossgreen . . . :slight_smile: . . . and thank you!

I was just kidding around a little bit. As you say, there are effects send & return jacks. There are also footswitch, aux in, XLR line out, & headphones jacks . . . plenty of room for expansion later on. But I could use the footswitch to toggle the overdrive circuit on and off.

Sorry if I caused any confusion . . . :blush:

All best and thanks again, Joe


Ah, gotcha. The humor went straight over my head, I must have had it stuck in β€œthe low end.” :guitar: :stuck_out_tongue: