What's up with that Banana?

@JoshFossgreen wouldn’t tell but I had to find the answer.

There was rolling thunder and the man on the box said a hurricane was coming. I had been searching too long for the answer and I wasn’t going to let the weather keep me from it.

After making my way to that stinking hole in the wall I found the person I believed held the answer. Sitting at the bar was an old woman with one blind eye. She was drunk on the sadness of knowledge and no small amount of cheap gin.

Our go-between had been thorough. She knew why I was there and I knew the cost was a fresh bottle. This is what she told me…

“When you know, you will know. He will not tell you but if you doubt yourself he will confirm the truth.”


The first rule about banana club is you don’t talk about banana club.
The second rule about banana club is you don’t talk about banana club.

If you learn the truth, you are obligated NOT to share.


Am I the only one that got it immediately?

I mean maybe I am assuming wrong but… it didn’t seem that mysterious to me :slight_smile:


Ask nico



The common factor:

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The answer to the banana mystery is encoded in the song “Billie Jean”. Although it requires a great deal of specialized encryption to decipher it, it can be done, but only after you’ve mastered the fast version and played it at least 10 times in a row while standing on one leg and wearing a Batman costume.
There’s a reason @JoshFossgreen put it in that part of the course, but I can’t speak of it.
I can speak no more of any of this due to rules #1 and #2 of Banana Club. I’ve already spoken too much… now I feel I may be in danger.


Am I the only one too tipsy to just ask someone to give the answer to bananas?


Nico, Andy, and Lou know - but they are dead. Coincidence? I think not!


Dead but not gone. One does not truly die until the Great Peel



Shhttt, keep quit it’s stupidly simple :banana: