Will permanent marker work on acoustic bass?

Hey guys! So I’ve recently learned that Gene Simmons is coming to my city in a few days to sign autographs. I thought it would be super cool to get him to sign my bass. Do you guys think something like a Sharpie would last? Do you have any experience with stuff like this? Are there any care steps I can take to make sure it doesn’t rub off?


If you still play it, it will smear over time unless you clear coat it.


Maybe a paint marker? I’m just guessing tho - no real experience with this kind of thing…

If you have a bass with a pick guard it may be easier to take this along rather than an entire guitar.
You can also keep it separate if you still want to play it.
The solvents in clear coat may cause the marker ink to smear.if not applied carefully


Motorcycle number plates get covered with a piece of thick clear plastic that sticks on. You could get something like that to put over the signature and it should protect it.

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