Would you modify a classic model

The bridge pickup looks like it has died on my Rickenbacker and she looks like a refret may be in order at some point in the near future.
Would you guys put original parts to maintain the value of the bass or would you mod it with upgraded pickups, bridge etc?


Are you sure you can’t get away with a re-crown?

I would probably put the right type of pick up, not necessaraly the same stock pick up.
Like my Ray4, with aguilar pick up. it is a MM style humbucker, and it would sound great in a Stingray (EBMM) also. And it probably cost way less than a music man pick up, and sound just as good.

I would look for the rick style pick up and then get a good brand most likely


Yep. This would be less expensive and take less time too.

I would save anything I took off, even the bad pickup. Otherwise, upgrade away and make it your own.


Thank you gentlemen @T_dub and @eric.kiser