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I’ve got switch envy!!! Thanks for the explanation!

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No problem. The whole set up confused many who bought them without first knowing how everything worked and how to deal with MFD pickups. Let’s just say the design which came from the '80s was light years beyond your basic Jazz Bass.

Leo believed that for some an L2000 could serve to replace both a PBass and a JBass but he still produced the L1000 which was a single pickup version with an MFD pickups placed in the typical PBass position. Those are very popular as well.


Ill throw a quick rundown on my first bass.

Ibanez SR655PB (Pardon the background, have not gotten to the Spring Cleaning yet)

Looks like this is a discontinued model. Has Bartolini mk1 active pickups, which I believe were stock on this instrument. Some listings/articles I have found indicate the finish is called “Blue Moon” and one even claimed it was rare, with only 150 sent to the states. I don’t put much stock in that since I can’t confirm, but if true that would be pretty wild. Have tried looking up SN, but come up with zip. Regardless, this is first bass I bought, without knowing anything about playing bass. Sometimes you just see a finish you fall in love with. Which is probably a terrible way to choose an instrument.

Lucky for me, it worked out. This bass has a wonderful tone, and is very easy to play. Some info/reviews i found online stated a belief the Bartolinis were udnerpowered/sounded bad, but I have to disagree. The store I bought it at either intentionally set it up with an extremely high action, or didn’t set it up at all. I have been meaning to get it back to the shop for a proper setup to my preferences, but have been putting it off. Despite that, before learning to know better, I played with this ridiculous set up until I saw the light and bought a 4-string to learn on.

I pull this one out frequently, even if I don’t require a 5-string for what I am playing. It sounds too good to not play it more often.

I bought it used, and it does have some scars to show it. Top of body has a chunk taken out of the finish (you can kinda see it in the body close up).

My first experience with Ibanez, and I can see why they’re loved by many.


Soundgear basses are excellent models. I’ve played them before just haven’t owned one.

Yeah the SR line is fantastic, really like them. Nice looking bass @DocJas, you should absolutely get it set up (or do it yourself! It’s easy. :slight_smile:)

Both my $$ Vette got 2 :joy:


I’ll see your two switches and raise you one.

My Sire M5 has three.


Boom! :joy:

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One more review of an extremely good but less popular G&L. My M2000.

The M Series basses are the 100% active version of L Series basses. So the body style and hardware are identical between them. M Series basses have an 18v preamp and slightly under wound MFD pickups to allow for the gain added by the preamp. As a result the pickups are tamed a bit more easily.

M Series basses have a 3 band fully active EQ which allows for the boost or cut of bass, mids, and treble. I find this feature more to my liking than the passive system of L Series basses. There’s also a blend pot that allows infinite combinations of the bridge and neck pickups.

My M2000 has a satin finished 1 5/8" nut width medium “C” PBass type neck with a medium taper and a 0.82"/ 1st fret .094"/12th fret depth. So overall it’s slightly beefier than the neck on my Kiloton. I love the bass. If I could choose only a single two pickup bass I would choose an M2000.

Both the US and Tribute M Series basses have been discontinued and can only be purchases used or as NOS from a dealer as I bought mine. However, there has been talk of G&L making them available again as a custom order. That would be great since IMHO they are one of the best fully active basses.