Your First and Newest Bass Lines?

Sorry if this has already been done somewhere. The song that made me want to actually play bass wasn’t even done on a real bass, but I also keep an ear out for new basslines that I like.

I heard this groovy bass line that really remind me of Billie Jean. The song is “Monday Morning Blues” by Chribin Mattews. Anyone else heard it?

What was the bass line that made you want to pick up or commit to a bass?
And have you discovered any new bass lines recently?

Monday Morning Blues by Chribin Mattews

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I’m honestly not sure, but I played tuba in high school so I guess I gravitate toward the low end XD

I did always think that White Zombie’s Black Sunshine opening/verse bass riff was cool, though :smiley:

Edit I should add that listening to a lot of PanterA you get to hear what the bass player Rex is doing during guitar solos, because they never add guitar riffs during solos like some bands do or what you’d hear in a band with two guitarists. They wanted the albums to be the same instrumentation they had live.


I took a step towards Yousician today and learned Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley until my left elbow started hurting…played it several times on the Yamaha BB G4.


The first things I thought of when I got my first bass was the bass line to Silly Love Songs and She (KISS).
I play SLS a lot to warmup but waiting for a Rick to appear so I can cover it properly.

I am now deep into a few Beatles basslines that are making me really appreciate Paul


I actually played the Clarinet in band, all treble clef, but was never happy with it. So picking up a bass feels amazing. I hadn’t heard Black Sunshine before, but I see what you mean about that riff. That’ll get you hooked.


I actually downloaded Yousician about a week ago and haven’t really dove into it yet. Nice to hear that it actually does work for learning songs