Your funniest story about playing bass?

Well - is there any funny story about your bass experiances while practicing?

OK, here is mine:
We have cats at home. Once I practiced playing bass, my cat came along and peed into the combo amplifier. Not what you may think of- he was totally potty trained. But for me, this was his expression to show me, how he liked me playing… :rofl:
But now, doing the B2B course, I want to avoid it happening again. :wink:




Back in the early 90s I was hanging out with my friend who’s li I Ing with a home but professional recording studio he help with the album so it was rent free.

One time we were just jamming in the studio, this one guy was dropping off a fender Stratocaster to the owner, I remember it was so cool with one F logo and 3 bolt neck plate. The owner is a left handed drummer so this Eddy guy was demoing that guitar for him. He looks like a musician I figure he’s one of the hired gun session player who’s in and out of the studio.

We were playing some tune in E I believe, he just started playing and omg he’s really good. He’s very nice and chatty. Then he asked for a different key we did. It was fun. When he finished making a final adjustment he handed my friend the Strat and said it was good to go, and said bye, we shook hand he said you are good keep it up, I said you should consider doing this for a living. He laugh and left.

After he left, the owner asked me if it like Van Helen, the big hair rock band, I said sure I love them. He said you just jammed with him. I said no, that guy didn’t have a big hair. That the story I’d remember forever, cause if I know I’d be playing a whole root note each bar for sure, and no throwing a whole bunch of notes and fills goofing around like a jack ass.

Everytime I heard his song I always bragged, “oh Eddy and I go way back”, lol. I wish I had an iphone, a camera or simply a clue.


now that is COOL

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@Al1885 fantastic. That reminds me of an old Australian girlfriend about 15 years ago. She rang me at work. She said her boss had a spare ticket for a corporate box for a concert. It was down in Vancouver midweek.
I said “Who is it?”
She said “I’ve never heard of them / him / her. I mean if they were big in Oz I’d have heard of them.”
I wasn’t super interested in driving 4 hours round trip midweek for some no name pub band.
I said “What’s the name”
She replied "Errm Von Heelen, or Vin Holen or something like that.
Me “Do you mean Van Halen?”
Her “Yeah that’s them, like I said, never heard of those drongos”
Me “I’ll be there in 3 mins to get my ticket, don’t give it to anyone else”
Great show.