10 Gadgets to Make You a Better Bassist (Or NOT?)

I hated my time in the Navy, but will do my best in the @Lanny absence. We call it being “Dead In The Water” when you are at sea with no power. I did it on an Aircraft Carrier once, pretty scary to be defenceless on that big of a target.

So for this analogy, if you want the true Navy experience, keep spare batteries in your pocket and an overly complex written procedure of how to change them. Make sure when they need to be replaced you have one person do all the work and 5 others yelling at you about slower, harder ways to replace them without actually helping themselves. Then of course when the batteries are replaced and you no longer adrift at sea…
Keep On Thumping!


@BassFaceDisgrace :rofl: :smiley_cat:


Reminds me of my time in government employment :slight_smile:


Sounds like law enforcement :slight_smile: @BassFaceDisgrace


Have you tried the vox pathfinder 10 to use for practicing ? Anyone likes it?


@hotbel This is the first I’ve even heard of it and I haven’t seen anyone else on the forum mention one. If you have one, tell us about it here… Show us your amps

Also, Welcome to the BassBuzz forum!
When you have time, join us on the Introduce Yourself! thread.


Can someone reco the best tuners (clip on and plug in) for 5 strings?
The Snarks certainly don’t do the B string very well.
I see that folks tune to the E or the octave on the B string, but which tuners really can go that low?
I have one of the old Korg plug ins that seems to work well.
Is there a clip on that actually works for true low B?
TC Electronics Clip On?
Peterson Clip On?


The red clip-on from Thomann has no issues with my low B-string.


Is that available in America?


I sincerely doubt it – but if it is, it’ll be under another name.


This is what it looks like –

but if I do an image search to see if it comes up with a different brand name, I get nothing.


My RED Snark clip on works fine. The RED one that is, cuz other colors are different specs IIRC.
It matches the tuner in my Zoom B1-Four just fine.
If you are willing to spend the money, go for the poly tune or Peterson like you suggested, but I would probably go with a pedal tuner for that money, and keep the Korg you mentioned for when you are not plugged into pedals.

If you buy the Peterson mobile phone and tablet plug in, you can use Peterson tuner apps they claim are good like all their stuff, plus you can record on garage band, or play thru effect and amp apps with it.

They are 15 from Peterson website, or $12.50 on Amazon.

I found a similar item on the Sam Ash website. A PRS ( yes, Paul Reed Smith) guitar headphone interface for mobile devices. You can plug your guitar and headphones into this cable adapter, and plug it into your phone or tablet, and record, tune and use amp and effects apps. It’s on clearance for $9. I ordered one. And I ordered a Peterson on Amazon.
The Peterson does not have a headphone jack, so you listen to your guitar thru the phone / tablet speakers I guess. Idk, I am gonna try them both and see.


Here is a pic and price @eric.kiser

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I have a hard time believing that thing will produce decent bass tone.


Only one way to find out. :grin:
Crank up the GAS!


I only dug it up on Amazon to show @eric.kiser. I have no plans to buy one.

I thought about buying this.

But not for the amp itself, only so I could play INTO my I pad. But I found two inexpensive options. A PRS cable and a Peterson Cable.
So I don’t have to buy that embarrassing little practice amp. :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I ended up with these. Cheap enuf to give it a shot. Both are returnable if they don’t do the trick, but I don’t see how they can’t. The Peterson lacks a headphone jack to merge in headphones, but will see, or keep it as a back up


@T_dub I say nothing :rofl:
I shall expect the same from you when I find my dream Bass (Whats Plural for several bass?) :rofl: :guitar:



Say nothing about???
I don’t follow.

And I will only be telling you GO FOR IT.
And then
And then
So on and so forth…


@T_dub I could ask for no more :slight_smile:
I meant that I would support any purchase that you made. I would say nothing against it. Might be a local way to say that. :slight_smile:


Ok, That was said correct @Jamietashi.
I just was not sure the context.
Yes, I made some purchases, and I appreciate the support :wink:
I never said I wasn’t going to buy accessories, much needed ( like equivalent to how I need Air),

I don’t think the GAS Ghoul even comes out of the cage for that stuff, a mere $25 worth.
And throw in the headphones I just ordered (thanks to @peterhuppertz post in the headphone thread) for another $29.99, along with a 4 pack of capos ($11.99).

Didn’t disturb the Ghoul, I still hear him snoring.

Now if I was posting more Basses, or Amps, then I run to you for support :+1:t2:

Course, I may be getting (or have gotten already, ordered over a week ago) a few pedals and power supply, and luthier set up props and tools.

Haha, Maybe the GAS Ghoul has a spy, deep ndercover running around my apartment, IDK, maybe…

Some of this amazon stuff is going back however.