Show us your amps

I have a couple of standard cheapie amps, but I stumbled on this, roaming around in Guitar Center.
Roland Micro Cube Bass RX. It’s battery powered. (It does have an AC plug) They say the batteries (6AA) last 13 hours, and I can report that they do. The effects are neat, but I don’t use them much. What is really useful, is the Rhythm Guide. After I’m done with a lesson here, I play what I learned to all the different types of accompaniment. It’s fun and I get used to keeping time. I speed it up and slow it down, just for the practice. It’s like a slow, medium and fast workout. :wink:


That is very cool. I can see that I have a lot to learn about amps.

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I have an Ampeg BA-112. My wife and kids got it as a present for me. It can kick! In the house, I’ve never had the volume beyond 3.
It had a bad buzz to it until I stopped plugging it directly into the wall outlet and instead plugged it into my Tripp-Lite HT10DBS surge protector. It cleaned up everything and it sounds great now.


That’s awesome! It’s cool how that amp makes drumbeat playalongs super accessible. Now if it could spit out some actual bottom end, I’d get one myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! I tried out the BA-110 in our beginner amp reviews, it did just okay. I imagine the 112 puts out much better thump. And sounds like that buzz issue wasn’t totally the amp’s fault if cleaning up the power input got rid of it.


Nice idea @asantora! Here’s my rig:

Amp/head is a TC Electronic RH450, weighs about 8lb and works like a champ. Normally I just take it on the road with the RS210 cab directly underneath it, but I got the big RS115 on the bottom recently for local gigs when I want some extra booty on stage. :grin:

And over in the corner you can see part of my Fender Rumble 40 that I’ve kept around for practice ever since doing the beginner amp reviews. :slight_smile:


It’s interesting that, no matter what bass lines I learn here, it fits well with every type of rhythm on the amp. From Rock to Salsa. It works.


Yeah, different styles of music have more similarity than divergence, especially in the bass department, I think.


180 Watts with compressor and ultra bass pedal !!! This baby will make the windows beg for mercy! Ha! I have to remind myself to lift with my legs. This amp is really heavy, but great for relieving stress at home. !


I did something perhaps silly, but I think it was worth it. I wound up dropping the dime on a Phil jones Bass Double 4. This tiny amp has a pretty big sound, and because it’s so tiny, I can put it prettymuch anywhere. I have very limited space in my room, so this was ideal.

Also, anyone know how to adjust their username? Mine seems to be a horrible concatenation of my email address.


Click your avatar icon in the upper right of the screen

Then click the cog icon to go to preferences, you can change your username there

Sweet looking amp, BTW


Those things are cool! Definitely a good way to get a solid sound out of a small space.

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Right now I’m using an Ampeg B108 its enough for where I’m using it, a friend gave me a Fender B deck. It’s very complicated to use for someone like me who is challenged with electronics. I did figure out that you can adjust the sound, I have it set to vintage bassman and that’s pretty cool.


Wow, just looked those up, hadn’t heard of them before, looks really confusing!!! Is it like this thing? Fender B-DEC 30 Bass Digital Entertainment Center | Musician's Friend

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Yes that link is it. It comes with this instruction book that makes it more confusing! If I can ever figure it out it sounds like it could be fun to play along with I was wondering if anyone else uses one and if they can help me crack the code!


This popped up on CL. Brand new. The price was not to be passed up. When I walked in, the seller said, “You know you’re stealing this, right?” I just said, “Thank you”. He was a nice guy. Said he was a session guy in LA, and was moving back with his family. This thing is probably too much for me at my experience level. I played it for awhile, it’s got some serious HP! Now I need to practice so I’m worthy of such a nice rig.


Congrats! … I gotta check out this Craig’s List that everyone keeps talking about…


Ooh nice! I really dig my little Rumble 40 for practice, haven’t tried the bigger Rumble rigs yet. Definitely a good match for the bass (and the cat!).


I borrowed a Rumble 200 for a gig last week, and it was rad. Great sound, great look, great weight!


I was messing around with it last night. It could knock my little house down, if I turned it up to 11. :crazy_face:


I would like to give a big thumbs up to Peavey for the Microbass. It’s rated at 20W and although the speaker isn’t that good, (ok, it works) it has a min 8ohm speaker out. Put it through any kind of decent cab and it really gets good. At home I’ve got it through a 4x12" no problem but I just found out it can kick a 1x18" reflex into knee wobble territory. My lady got it thrown in with a cheap precision copy for less than $40. The bass is great but the amp is killer. Worth trying out if you see one.