17 Basses at NAMM 2024

Saw this recently and have watched multiple times. Great way to see hear some of the basses at NAMM this year. It’s only a bit over 14 mins so no mucking around, just a quick sample of each.

The guy seems to really love the Ibanez SRMS720 (2nd from the end).

Basses included:

  • Sunsmile SVTG PBTS
  • Sadowsky MetroLine Hybrid P Bass
  • Spector EURO 4 CLASSIC
  • RKM 23.018 Double Precision Bass IV
  • Sire Marcus Miller V5
  • Swing Guitars Jazz Series
  • Spector NS Custom Shop
  • RKM 23.026 Custom Bass IV
  • Sire Marcus Miller Z3
  • Warwick Thumb NT 4 LTD 2024
  • Reverend Thundergun
  • Spector NS USA
  • Spector Euro 4 RST
  • Ibanez AGB
  • PureSalem Classic Creep Bass
  • Ibanez SRMS720
  • Spector Dimension 4 HP