2 videos: Learning tips for older learners, & 10 tips for playing standing up

Going down the rabbit hole of watching YouTube, and came across these two videos by Justin Sandercoe (of JustinGuitar) that may be of interest to some here at BassBuzz:

Older Learner? Here’s how to learn faster!
Some interesting ideas to help anyone over age 25 learn to play. His description:

If you’re an older learner, you’re going to love this! Here’s the latest science to help you learn guitar - or anything else! - faster! Neuroplasticity is incredible and will help you improve on guitar faster, better, and permanently.

  1. Welcome! Basic Concepts
  2. What is Neuroplasticity
  3. Failure Triggers
  4. Exercises & Extra Tips

My 10 Tips On How to Play Guitar Standing Up
Most of these tips apply to bass as well, and yes, @JoshFossgreen has covered these topics in the B2B course and in his videos (also B2B’ers have discussed them in these forums). But here they are in one place. Justin relates some points to playing in gigs, too. Just keep aware of when he’s talking more about guitar-type things (thumb over the top of fretboard, for example), and keep thinking bass.

  1. Playing guitar standing up vs Playing guitar sitting down
  2. Guitar Straps (includes strap locks)
  3. Strap Height
  4. Practice Sessions
  5. Angle of the neck
  6. Guitar weight
  7. Chords & Thumb Position
  8. General Posture
  9. Exploring

Justin is a great teacher.
I live in a state of annoyance while at work. Maybe I start practicing during breaks.


I have a life membership with Griff Hamlin of https://bluesguitarunleashed.com/
His teaching method is in the same vein as Josh and Justin.

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