20 legendary players who shaped the sound of electric bass

I came across this article thee other day, and thought I’d share it. One thing I found interesting about it, was how some big names got their signature sound by having crap gear :rofl: Just goes to show you…

One of my favorites was Geezer Butler

“So many people ask me how I got the bass tone on the first [Black Sabbath] record,” Geezer said in his July 2004 Bass Player cover story.

“It was by accident! I had a 70-watt Laney guitar amp and a Park 4x12 cabinet with only three speakers in it—and two of them were wrecked, That’s how I got that really distorted sound.

“At times I’ve hated my sound, and I’ve tried to dial in whatever sounded modern at the time. It never worked. I remember trying to sound like Chris Squire [of Yes]. Ozzy’s reaction was, ‘What the hell is that?’ I was attempting to get a sound I liked to listen to, but it didn’t fit my playing style.”


Love Geezer… he is a VERY close second to my all time favorite…Steve Harris of Iron Maiden (and British Lion)


Right on! I got my first bass blister working on the opening for Number of the Beast.