3 months in

i wanna say something 3 months ago i tried to play bass with my thumb only. i could not get the finger thing down. i use to watch other people and think that will never be me im to old. i had no idea how to follow a drum player. i would chase players on youtube trying to imitate what they did. then one day it happened i got really really mad at myself cause i thought i was just to stupid to play. i called my son up he can play anything no joke and i just broke down i told him i love music why why cant i get this down he got me calmed down. he said dad for one thing your playing a broken down ol bass with no amp. and you cant expect to hear your tone or anything this is just crazy dad. remember when i told you i wanted to play guitar and you took me out and got a good guitar for me and how proud i was of it. at this point karma reached up and bit me in the ass. he then said this weekend you are getting a bass and a amp. i could not argue with the man at that point. so that weekend i got my rig. and my son looked at me dead in the eye and said now dont even take it home till its set up. i cussed under my breath kicked the floor thought crap there goes another benjamin i didn’t have. ok ok your the boss ill do it so i got home and refused to touch the broken bass i thought well ill ill watch some youtube and lick my wounds. so sure enuff i goofy teacher in a cheap t shirt with a banana running down his arm was playing like a mad man and im oh so here we go right something else i wont understand so after he played the song. he broke it down and im looking at him laughing and everything he said made sense so i knew i was gonna do this right i bought the course well just 90 days later. most weekends i play in a band and just jam. they all give me shit cause i cant slap i give them the finger and we all get along fine. maybe the that banana tattoo can make me slap? lol just kidding josh! but bottom line i wanna thank you all for being the amazing people you are let hear it for the rhythm section cause we groove!


That’s a pretty concise summary there, @steeler.fan51 . . . :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


Great work, am glad you have stayed the course, it sure helps with good guidance.
Keep rocking :+1::+1:
Cheers Brian


i love our little community we have great mentors and great teachers


That’s the way the cookie crumbles. :slight_smile: