3 Steps to Killer Bass Fills (for Beginners)

Creating bass fills doesn’t have to be that hard - here’s a simple 3 step process you can use without mega chops or theory skills.

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would fit best after Module 7, once you understand what chords and chord progressions are.

Bass Shapes From the Video

Here are all the shapes I showed you in the video. First up, root fifth octave, which you B2B grads know you can use on major OR minor chords:

The major triangle, which is just a little fragment of the major scale:

And the minor triangle, which is a couple notes from the minor scale:

Forum Family Bass Fills Challenge

Okay - you watched the video, time for some sweet bass fills!

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to try out some fills on these tracks, either using the rhythms and shapes from the video, or your own ideas.

Major Version

Minor Version

This is a no-competition, friendly environment - you will not be harshly judged! If you want constructive feedback, let us know, otherwise we’ll just cheer you on. Have at it!


Thanks, @JoshFossgreen . . . also left you a thumbs up on the Tube :+1:

Cheers, Joe


Noob Josh is still hitting a little too close to home.


Awesome, thanks Josh :+1:
Just finishing my first mug of tea/ cigarette and I’ll be there


Awesome, Will be jamming with the tracks shortly. Hoping to figure out my recording set up so I can get in on the challenge.

Great job as always @JoshFossgreen and BassBuzz



This was a really good video. For this. This is why I like the bass. I love fills and improvisation (not tasteless crazy fills and improv, but stuff that contributes and supports the song). It can add so much feeling to a song, and here you lend a hand as to how to do it. In this way you get that heartfelt “Yeah!” in the song. It all makes good sense, especially when you think about it in the context of the improv lessons in the Bassbuzz course. More please!

Another beginner video I’d like to see is a bit more on how to lock in with a drummer, or how to practice with drum tracks…especially if you aren’t just groovin’ it. Or, maybe tips on how to find the groove. How to pick up a song, and just find the groove and jump on. I’ve got to get there first before I can create and do fills and improv. Just some suggestions Josh!



From what you describe those videos already exist.

Have you checked the pinned thread with the list of bassbuzz youtube videos?


Got to thank Eric again for this one. My go to list @eric.kiser :slight_smile:


Thanks @JoshFossgreen,
Love your work.:+1:
Cheers Brian


Is it weird of me to feel kind of proud for having that “dialogue” with Josh?

“Root, Fifth, Octave, […]”
“Oh that one. Yeah, you make me play it often.”
“If you took my beginner to badass course over at bassbuzz you know this shape very well.”
“Yes. Yes, Josh, I do.”

I’m kind of still practicing my slap / slap and pop, but since it’s not really a challenge with a time limit I think I’ll record something sooner or later.

I really like how the bassbuzz team manages to create video content that can stand for itself while fitting into the B2B course as well. Good job as always.


Major props for sneaking in Box of Rain for the encore…Phil Zone Bombs! Great Bass, Lesh Philling!


Added to BassBuzz YouTube Video Guide.