3 strings?

This is cool & more realistic.

Doesn’t make sense to me. I tend to follow the “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it” mentality towards stuff. Fire extinguishers, fuses, flashlights, G strings, B strings, etc.

To each their own, though.

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The G string on a bass guitar sounds like a banjo IMO.

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This type of limitation or narrow functionality is really up my alley than most and I know quite a few songs that I can play without the G string. I don’t think I’d get one soon though. I play only 4 strings on several songs on my 6 string bass maybe I’ll dedicate one of my 4 string to A D G C.

Yeah, no.

How a G string sounds is entirely up to the particular bass, strings, tone settings (onboard/ouboard/amp/plugin preamp), where the string is plucked, HOW the string is plucked/picked/slapped/popped, the player’s touch, the amount of favorite beverage consumed by the player before/during playing, and a host of other variables.

Any one or combo of these factors can cause a G string to sound like a banjo, an angel’s voice, a demon’s snarl, or anything in between. It’s the player and these tools who get the job done.


If it floats your boat, get one and rock it :smile:

Didn’t @John_E have one custom-made for him??

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To me is whatever works for you. I’ve listened to a lot of blues in my life, and it’s not unusual for someone like Robert Johnson to buy a six string and then add a couple more so he can play bass at the same time. There’s a lot of odd homemade string configurations from the old time blues greats.

So whatever.

I will say there’s a lot of string choices for EADG. You want to go to a different tuning or number of strings and your choices go down or you do custom strings.

He had a One or 2 stringer made by Guns’n’Guitars.


Hooky disagrees :rofl:

that highest D there actually sounded pretty awesome :+1:

I’ve always loved Body Count and the message in this song is so spot on. Ice T is still doing great things with that band.

I thought he was dead?

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Nah that was just acting in Edward Scissorhands. He’s actually undead.

I don’t recall VP playing the undead. He usually played the entirely human, truly crazy fuck.

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Well of COURSE a nightwalker isn’t going to give away the game by portraying one :rofl:



Two string slide bass ala Mark Sandman of Morphine.
It’s not about just removing strings
His design. Strings tuned a 5th apart so every chord is a power chord. Love love it.


You can do this to a 4-string you know :slight_smile:

Tuning in fifths is a thing.

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Yes, but hard to play it with a slide when 4 strings are involved and doesn’t replicate the Morphine sound, which was the point.