4 chord songs

Hi to you all from the UK. I thought this might be useful. I am a beginner and have been playing for 9 months. Thanks Josh for all your videos and help on this forum.

My thought is… people might like to listen to this video

and then either try and listen to the individual songs and try and swap root notes at the correct time. (D, A B and G) or try and play a triad plus 1 more note in at each change. So (D major, A major, Bminor ang G major). Some sort of backing track at various speeds would help. Thoughts Josh plus the community? Thanks Richard (Shropshire in UK)

I’m not sure what you want to accomplish/play?
Are you trying to improvise a bassline for the song?

Because then I would just use the actual song as backing track…
Could be a fun thing to practice and try out different styles/rythms for the different songs when it changes.


Taking the magic pop progression and making up your own pop sounding songs is both fun and surprisingly easy.

(forgive the terrible timing here and the silence at the end, I just banged this out for fun :slight_smile: