4 string electric bass guitar to tenor (4 string) acoustic guitar

Does knowing how to play a 4 string electric bass give you any kind of head start in learning to play a tenor (4 string) acoustic?


I don’t think it does, @gary7mac .
The fact that they both have four strings is about all they have in common.
The tenor guitar is usually strummed (though it sounds gorgeous played with fingerstyle or finger picks) and it’s tuned in 5ths rather than 4ths.

There is a certain amount of knowledge that will translate to any fretted instrument once you get a fretted instrument figured out.
However, chordal instruments (where you’re playing and holding shapes with 1-4 fingers on the instrument at a time) have a very different fretting technique than the usually-one-note-at-a-time electric bass.

Having said all that - all music informs all music! I’d go for it!!


I tune mine like a baritone ukulele, so that’s what has allowed me to play both! Curious to read the other responses, though!

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I would go with what @Gio says because he’s a top shelf teacher and player. Mostly because i got zero idea. But what a cool idea. I wonder if i can make room…