404 file not found

Been getting this more often in the lessons. Not enabling me to finish a lesson and show it completed. Anybody else experiencing this?

I was getting this a lot earlier in the week, but Josh fixed it. I had this problem in module 2, if you are having this issue with the ‘Next’ buttons, you can navigate using the main lesson menu.

I have been using the main lesson menu. I’ve never been able to just go to the next lesson.

Yeah I’m actually getting this on a few pages too still, I’m not sure what’s happening. The tech folks are on it and hopefully it’ll be resolved shortly.

These all seem to be fixed for me, is anyone else still experiencing issues? @asantora? @ktm990guy?

I checked on last night and when I selected My Lessons, it took me right to where I left off. Looks like it’s working fine.

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Ever since you resolved my issue with Module 2, I have not had any issues. I am now going through Module 5.

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