440Hz/432Hz mystery - can you help me solve this?

This bothers me too. Whether or not anyone else notices, it’s distracting to me. I hear it with almost the same level of “oh that’s wrong” as when I play a wrong note. In that register it seems to bend with fretting pressure too. Does anyone else notice that?


I’ve had a lot of weird tuning issues with songs particularly on YouTube.
I never believe it’s in tune or not until I can get it on a streaming service where the sample rate is at least decent.

Having said that - this is definitely higher than 440.

I have no input beyond that.


Well, let’s put it this way. I didn’t even know some modern music was being made in 432Hz until I stumbled across this thread. So, no, I don’t think I’d notice it really, especially when sitting in a mix with other instruments. I’ll just stay in my familiar 440Hz world. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, it’s good to know it exists, as an explanation to maybe not being able to match what I hear on a recording. Most of the time for me though, it’s because I’m reading tab and it’s not in EADG tuning!


Wait… what? Higher than 440?? Oh boy… that was… unexpected :crazy_face:


Reading this thread is making me think I’m tone deaf. None of this makes a lick of sense to me.


Basically, there are a bunch of conspiracy theories that think that middle A should be tuned to 432Hz instead of 440Hz.

In addition to that, there is some real historical precedent for this. And, it turns out, lots of other frequencies over the years.

And finally, it’s arbitrary so it actually doesn’t matter all that much. And some people like it better.

Except to the conspiracy theorists, to whom it matters a great deal.


In my futile effort to understand all this, I came across this very interesting Adam Neely video.


Well, if it’s 45cents higher than G… or 55cents lower than G# (from a 440 center)…
It’s halfway between on my Logic tuner.
G sounded closer to me trying to play to it, so I just tuned up until it was in tune. According to the instruments, I’m 45 cents sharp.

But… I just don’t understand why it’s remarkable.


Thanks, @Gio!

It’s not! But… initially, I thought I might be missing a huge piece of information on tunings and such (especially also because the 432 example I linked to also was not what it claimed to be) and so I got intrigued… there are gaps in my knowledge and I thought I’ll ask the common knowledge base that is this community.

Alas, then it all spiraled into conspiracyland…

Will try to keep more quiet with stuff like that :slightly_smiling_face:

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440 Hz is a higher frequency than 432 Hz . . . :slight_smile: