5 Levels of Smells Like Teen Spirit (Noob to Krist)

Fix your flubs on this Nirvana bass rocker + take it from n00b level to Krist Novoselic beast mode. What level can you make it to?

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, you’ll be able to tackle the first two levels pretty much anytime, but the 16th note rhythms we add in Level 3 make this a post-B2B song.

Here’s the full Smells Like Teen Spirit bass tab + sheet music:

Smells Like Teen Spirit Isolated Bass

For a lot of popular songs, these days if you search [song title] + “isolated bass”, you can find the actual studio bass track, which is a great learning tool at any stage of the game: (and in many ways much better/safer than relying on other people’s covers)

Robert Glasper Smells Like Teen Spirit Too

In case you caught that funky little surprise at the end and wanted to hear where it came from:

What level did you get to?


Great video! I just finished watching it and I loved it. It would be even better if you could do a video on Peter Hook next.


Awesome. Thank you Josh!


Great video @JoshFossgreen!
You missed lvl 6 (playing lvl 5, while having the bass at your knees) :rofl:


Haha, yeah that’s a special skill. Then lvl 7 would be at the ankles Trujillo style. :slight_smile:


+1 on the idea of a Hooky video :slight_smile:

Happy to give song suggestions.


Wow, cool. Another solid production @JoshFossgreen
Maybe this new vid will motivate me to sit up and play thru something.
I gave it a watch, and hope to feel good enough in the next 12-36 hours to actually play along.
Actually sounds like the right pace. Yesterday, got back to posting on the forum, so tomorrow should be able to play, well, thats the plan at least. :+1:


Some great tone out of that Squier.


I went ahead and added this to Module 5. It seemed a nice pairing with the 3 Beginner Bass Riffs video for the easier levels.

Dang. I really like this video, Josh. It would be great to see more that continue to follow this leveling formula.

It feels like a very organic way of presenting the material in a very beginner friendly way and it makes the idea of learning a whole song so much more accessible.


Cool, sounds good. Thanks again for keeping that thread up @eric.kiser, much appreciated!


Awesome video as always!
Having fun with this, trying to nail level 1 and a bit of 2.
But wow do my strings ring all over the place, haha. This is a great precision practice I feel, as coordination is not that difficult, but getting it out clean is another story.

Also I am using different fretting fingers. Index > Middle > Index > Middle?

Also agree that it fits well into Module 5 as I am currently a bit stuck there - it’s a nice diversion and motivation boost.