5 String, Floating Thumb, and Muting

As most of you know, I am an avid 5 string player. I also have been using the floating thumb technique almost from the very beginning of my bass playing, including through the B2B course.

Today, I stumbled across this old Mark Smith video in which he talks about transitioning from 4 string to 5 string, and some of the pros and cons thereof. About 3/4 through the video, he talks about the floating thumb technique, which IMO (and Mark’s) is essential for muting on a 5 or 6 string. He also points out how much better it is for the wrist. If I ever go back to a 4 string, I would still use the floating thumb for that very reason.

I know some people have asked about playing 5 string, so maybe this will be helpful.


I might have to pull my 5 string out now @PamPurrs,
I got a little inspiration from watching Marks technique on the 5👍
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers Brian


HIGH 5 lol


Hi Pam,
@PamPurrs, just went and pulled it out of its case checked the tuning, the B string was a little flat​:+1: Everything else was perfectly in tune, hasn’t seen the light of day for a couple of years :+1:cheers Brian


She’s a beauty @b.s.excavations

Happy 5 stringing!


Funny you should say this, I just pulled both of mine out. For different reasons, but I am gonna noodle on them a bit now.
I am going to sell at least one of them, and I wanted to play with them a bit before I decide which, if not both.
Its not because I don’t like them or because I am giving up on going to be a 5 string player, it is because that I will be moving soon, and I am seriously considering selling off a lot of basses, so I don’t have to lug them all across town.
It will give me extra cash to buy more basses, it is a never ending cycle.
Maybe I will get a Sterling 5 string, and by Sterling, I mean the model, not the brand, I like the Sterling 5 strings a bit better then the Stingray 5 strings.
I just am not about that all inclusive pick guard, electronics plate on the 5 string Stingray’s.

yes she is, what is it, a Cort? I can’t read it, but looks like it starts with a C, but looks longer then Cort, so ???

I think if that was one of the two 5 strings I had, I would sell the other for sure.
That said, my Schecter 5 string is a neck thru like that, and that is a huge plus to me, but I really like the feel of the ESP LTD B-155 that I have as well.
Who knows, maybe I will keep both, maybe I put both up for sale and just see which goes first.

Won’t know til I play them a little tonight, and I still may need more time. LOL

She is wicked nice tho.


Hey Toby,
its a custom, it is very nice but I always found it heavy so it has just stayed in its case in the shed for about the last 10 years or so ?.
It seems a waste ?


Hang it on the wall at least, it is a work of art, don’t hide it from the world. :rofl: