5 String Questions

Thanks for all the feedback!
Thoughts on this bass? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GSR205BWNF--ibanez-gsr205bwnf-gio-walnut-flat

And links for any used bass if you feel like it, because I can’t seem to find any!
(the yamaha basses were a little expensive for me not upgrading my bass)


I have an SRMS805 and it has the same body shape, necl shape, which are pretty much standard for the SR line; it’s basically an upgraded version. I love mine - easy to play.

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I’d buy a used SR instead of a new GSR personally.

One random example I just googled:

That one looks a little expensive to me - not recommending buying that specific one.

This looks close to what you’re looking for

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I know I kinda left this thread hanging, but I have one more question…
So, guitar center are doing rental instruments now. I’m considering renting a 5 string in case I realise that I don’t actually need one. Is it a good idea?

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If it’s anything like the rental schemes in the UK you have the option to buy if you want to keep the instrument so what do you have to lose?

It’s a good idea if you just want to see if 5 string is right for you, as long the cost and time commitment isn’t ridiculous.