7 Easy Blues Bass Line Formulas (The Blues Box)

Take your beginner blues bass to the next level - learn the Blues Box.

Grab the 7 Formulas Cheat Sheet: https://www.bassbuzz.com/go/blues-box

If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would fit in well after Module 9, when we’ve covered Nashville Numbers and diatonic chord progressions.

The Blues Box

If this shape isn’t tattooed onto your brain yet, here it is again:

Like I hinted at in the video, it’s not just good for blues either, you can find it all over the place in rock, funk and jazz bass lines too. Please share in this thread if you find another bass line that uses it!

Here’s another example of the Blues Box that I didn’t use in the video:

Post your success stories of blowing minds at blues jams below. :sunglasses:


I woke up this morning, Josh was teaching us the blues
I said, I woke up this morning …


This video kinda blew my mind and as a complete beginner, combined with the money notes video and the blues survival video I feel I have something to really get my teeth into.
Here is one of many playlists on youtube with 12 bar backing tracks in all keys.


This is an excellent video, @JoshFossgreen . . . :+1:

Nicely ties together your other videos and reinforces those concepts, and I’ll definitely be going over this one! Thanks for your great tips and ideas . . :slight_smile:

Also left you a thumbs up on the Tube.


Thanks, @studio!

Very useful :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


Nice! Thanks Studio!