7 String Bass?

Just curious. Does anybody have these? If so what are your thoughts about it?
Thank You!

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I am not aware of anyone in this forum having one.

The question always is: what do you want to achieve with a 7-string? Shake the plaster off your bedroom walls with that low F# string or play chordal structures and a lot of melodic stuff using the upper strings (G, C, perhaps a high F string??)? Are you cool with the added muting challenges that come with so many strings? And so on…

Off the top of my hat, I know of a Dutch bass player, Jeroen Paul Thesseling, who plays a 7-string (fretless nonetheless). He plays mainly metal (don’t ask me which sub-genre of metal), but also dips into fusion sometimes…


Dino only needed 3. :yum:


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