'91 Fender MIM Precision


00808_eDQUdrbDuOk_50x50c00l0l_4t8nOgq8FBC_600x45000K0K_aOZH3S6gRPO_600x45000a0a_h1SoD4u56fl_600x450One available locally, black w/white pickguard, what looks like a rosewood fretboard. Surface rust on tuner pegs, but otherwise looks good from pics. Comes with molded case & Frontman 15B amp, asking $370. Anyone familiar with that model & does the price seem fair?00505_6qHVnnCL5w5_600x450


@lopeha - very familiar with the brand and model. I just did a quick internet look around, and even just for the bass, the price looks good. To get the other stuff seems pretty good to me. Of course, it all depends on whether the bass is in good shape and can be played.
If you play it and like it, I think it’s a good move.


Thanks for the info and reply!


How do the later model Affinity models compare?


The Affinity models are the Squier brand, so rather than being made in Mexico, they’re made in China, Korea or Indonesia. The materials and components are cheaper.
Having said that, I played some very cool and very playable Squier Affinities when I was working at a music store.
I think it comes to this:
Do they play the way you want them to
Do they look super cool (the main criteria for all of my early bass buying)
Can you afford it
The MIM Fender stuff is supposed to be better than the Affinity stuff - but isn’t always. My main two Fender basses for touring, gigs and session work are a 50s Reissue Roadworn PBass (made in Mexico) and a Jaguar reissue (made in Japan) - so they’re not the expensive US made ones.
They’re just the ones I liked the feel and sound of…
And could afford.
Also - they both look super cool.


Thank you for the great information! Just talked to a trusted source (owns the local guitar store) about the bass & he felt it was overpriced. I already have a '84 Peavey Foundation so have a quality “P” style bass. Maybe I’ll save up for a different style bass, like the looks of the Scheckter Omen +4. Once again Thanks for your input, Andy.


Yeah, $370 isn’t terrible for an MIM Fender but it would have to feel/sound really good for me to spend that much. I’ve had a range of experiences with Fender MIMs, some of them are great and some of them are pretty meh. And since you already have a P-style bass, I think you made the right call passing it up.