A funny thing happened on the way through the X-mas book

Another “musical click” moment: I got a couple of those basic Hal Leonard Christmas melody books. As I am playing through, I found myself (not consciously) changing up the rhythm a bit; using the chord notes to add in some bass to the melody or do a walk up/down on certain pieces. My wife was listening and said “Ohhh…i like all of your embellishments.” I stopped. Total mind-blowing moment—I am so used to reading just the notes and playing only the notes and always thought the chord indicators where for piano or something. Now, I am seeing the sheet music like a skeleton with an outline of things to can add to it.


Welcome to the world of improv :slightly_smiling_face:


Good for you @Old_WannaBe

Christmas music seems to be a very good “gateway” for this. Easy Melodie’s that can almost “lead” you to your own embellishments.

You are learning well young padawan. Continue to use The Force in your playing.


I’ve been doing that with some of the Christmas songs on Yousician, it’s nice for a bit of a change to just improvise something and it’s fun/satisfying and pretty easy on songs that you’re familiar with. I’m also working on a Jazz course so it fits in well with that too.

It’s actually pretty amusing when i think about it that i either prefer to read tab or improvise over a chord progression… probably because i don’t have a middle “speed” in anything i do in life :smiley: