A little help decoding this spec requirement please. Pc laptop

I’m getting a vectric V Carve Pro software. I do have a MacBook and was running the trial software off the bootcamp. I’m hoping to get a dedicated laptop for that, if it’s not going to break the bank.

I’m a Mac user and have no idea how one translate on the world of PC and I definitely have no clue what to look for in a used ones. Any suggestions would be helpful as the matter of fact in open to anything especially if you are local to me we can trade.

Obviously, I just need something that’s slightly above the requirements to ensure smooth operation. Here’s the requirements. First column.

As always thanks for the participation and input.

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Any modern laptop with an intel Core i5 6th gen or higher or i7 quad core or better processor and at least 16GB RAM will do fine. Make sure it has anSSD disk.

The requirements as I read them are not egregious.


I would shoot for something WELL above the requirements.
Things like Chrome and other Windows applications eat up resources very fast these days.
In the PC world, but the fastest thing you can afford, period.
They age out very quickly IMO.

There are also better processors for audio work than others, do some homework, will save you resources later on when Windows and other sloppy programmers take even more resources with updates.


Bloatware is a thing, unfortunately.

I’d have been excited to use the MacBook m1 but last time I checked it’s not compatible yet. I’ve considered getting an M2 anyways and dedicated my intel MacBook as a window machine.

I had an Alienware once got it on a mountain bike trade, it was not an easy machine to use, lol.

Actually the new M1 macbooks are fantastic. MacBook Pro’s usually are though, Apple just makes excellent laptops.


I agree, with the price lowered and better ssd performance on the base model, plus not so in your face performance boost M2 is not entirely must have unlike the M1.

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I agree with John here, if you buy a machine that is (let’s say 30% better) than the minimum reqs. then you will have nice room for growth over time and probably won’t have to shell out a bunch of money for a new build (or upgrades) for a while.

There are also scripts that can strip out much of the Windows bloat and telemetry services but that is a bit of an advanced topic.

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Thanks guys.

My wife is already thinking the Lenovo from Costco they run about $1200 after rebate. It’s for our kids school works. I’m hoping to find something in the $500-700 range as a dedicated machine it would be for CNC and internet only.

Scamazon (twice as expensive and three times as late) jas pretty good deals on refurbished computers.

I got a decent refurb Dell desktop for $400 CAD. I put in an SSD drive, maxed out the RAM and Robert is your mother’s brother.

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