A little help with chords

I run into song tabs and chords with notations I understand these chords as Fmag7 or Bm5 I know these are chords with added notes but we usually just play the root. Could someone tell me which note to hit of the notes above. If a guitarist is playing those chords what should I be playing?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Gary S

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When in doubt, just play the root note. So the letter leading the other stuff. If you play it, it will work. Most important thing to know.

Fmaj7 is just an Fmajor chord with a 7 added into it. So a chord is just stacks of 3rds (basically). So the 3rd of the F Major Scale is A. The 7th is E. So an Fmaj7 is just FAFAE basically strummed at the same time. The E gives the chord a different sound than just an Fmaj. You could theoretically play F, A, Or E over that chord and have it fit differently.

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Thanks very much. I have been using the root note technique but I felt I was missing something
There is a Gary Moore blues song “Still got the blues for you” I really like but there are many augmented (if that is the correct to call it that) chords and I felt maybe I was missing something.
Thanks Again

Any time you see a minor chord take the opportunity to slip in the flat 3rd, minor 7th-flat 3rd and flat 7th. I realize this is basic but along with the blues box adding the flat 3rd or the maj 3rd gives a ton of possibilities. F maj7 (blues box + 3rd) Bm5 (blues box + flat 3rd), then use approach notes to add flow. I’m a newbie with this stuff but that has me up and running.

Thanks much. Not to basic for me. I need all the advice I can get

It’s F, A, C, E

This is more or less where I’m at with my one-to-one lessons at the moment, I feel like I’m so close to grasping it but it’s just not sitting right in my head…

I can understand what I’m reading but I haven’t built up the concept in my head enough yet to be able to apply it when playing… Hoping I’ll come back in a month or several and have a little chuckle to myself about it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Could the FAFAE be some kind of voicing?

I have no idea what it is, but an Fmaj7 chord is FACE :slight_smile:

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You are totally correct. Hence, I need to study up more on my chords. C is thrown is there as the 5th, so it has a 5th. So a major chord is a root, 3rd and fifth, and then adding the 7th makes is Fmaj7. So Fmaj would be FAC, that was my mistake.