A little looping experiment (+your favorite way to get kick/snare sounds?)

Hey all, I was playing with my pedalboard yesterday and was exploring different ways to replicate drum sounds with different pedals. Here’s a loop I was messing with (which astute ears will hear is stealing the first half of the Giant Steps progression):

For the kick sound, I used my Boss OC-2 octave (low octave soloed) into my MXR Envelope Filter, which I was hitting softly enough not to really trigger the envelope, which gives it a really boomy thumpy sound.

That snare/clap sound came from soloing the high octave on my EHX NanoPog, running into my EQD Bit Commander with only the Base and Up signals, the Filter close to all the way up. That was a new sound for me, I like dat!

Main bass line sound is OC-2 -> fuzz from Chase Bliss Brothers -> TC Mini Corona Chorus. Organ sound is a modulated delay on the TC Flashback 2 Delay!!! Yes, all those sounds came from my bass + effects pedals. :slight_smile:

I’m having fun trying stuff with effects instead of relying only on my hands and the EQ on the bass. I used to always use slap technique to get the percussion going, slaps = kicks and pops = snares, but the slaps have too much high end stuff going on to work for what I want sometimes.

Takeaway point - effects are fun and loops are fun, so loops with effects are extra fun.

Anyone else here have favorite “percussion” sounds to use in looping?

P.S. If you’ve never tried looping, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper is a very non-threatening way to get into it, and you can get them for $100 or less. Only one knob and one footswitch.


this is nutso.
Way to use the tools in such a cool way.

With great power comes great responsibility… the responsibility of using pedals artistically is not always respected. Way to respect your powers.

Very cool sounds. Makes me want your pedalboard.


Thanks buddy!

A meeting could be arranged. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s trippy, very cool.

Can you use your pedals to create more conventional sounding loops, like Ed Sheeran does with his acoustic guitar?

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I’m actually not familiar with that stuff, so can’t say, can you post a link?

Watching his vids back it’s actually a different process to what you did; he has the benefit of being able to use the acoustic guitar as an actual percussion instrument rather than manipulating sounds with fx…

I guess achieving that on bass would be a lot trickier?


Yeah the kick/snare sounds he gets out of that thing are great! You can do that okay on electric bass but it’s not as good, to my ear. I’ll try playing with a loop with bass only, no effects, and see what everyone thinks.

Anyone else reading have tricks for getting good percussion sounds, with or without effects?

This is moderately convincing and pretty simple method for percussion sounds…


Hmm, using the left hand in conjuction with the thumb slaps is interesting, don’t know if I’ve tried that!

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