A poet about my day

"Im f*****g freezing here…
It’s way too cold…
I dont want to run in a snow…
For that, im way too old"

Greetings from -22C


Hi @Ek_Bass, how do you do?
Twenty two below, I’m sorry for you

Packing my car, will depart soon
The beach awaits, will be there before noon

I’ll play in the sand, bask in the sun
Will have a great day, will be lots of fun

I’ll take a lunch break, after I surf
I’ll be thinking of you, enjoying Surf and Turf



Your responsorial poem is awesome

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There once was a man from Nantucket
Who picked up a bass to pluck it
But the longer he played
The more he would stray
So finally he just said…


…ill give my fingers walk
and let my bass talk.

When big guy hears it at hell
he shall ring he’s bell

“Now thats a groove which will heat up more my place
Gettin too hot even for me, now thats the case”

Devil calls Finnish cold weather,
“Ill exchange it for leather”

Warms up weather and melts the snow,
Even the cold winds wont anymore blow.


I wrote an American haiku (different syllable count)

What colors
Can we paint the sky
With our dreams

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Lonely in bed, no dates for me…
I have no clue, who could it be!
Oh set my balls please free…