A sad story of sadness

One of the reasons I got out of playing bass many years ago was because of a relationship gone sour. Long story short, my (at the time wife) decided that she never actually loved me and bailed. I had to sell a bunch of stuff to keep food on the table until I got the expenses back under control. One of those things was a super awesome Carvin combo amp that I loved. 100w, 10" woofer, it just sounded really good to me.

The other day, one of those amps showed up on Reverb, in almost brand-new condition at a fantastic price. I had to have it. I’ve been waffling back and forth on selling a couple of my basses, but because I wanted the amp so badly and have halted further bass expenditures for a while, my only option was to sell one of them. So I re-re-re-re-listed it and got an offer for less than I was asking but more than the cost of the amp.

I checked Reverb, the amp was still there. I accepted the offer.

The buyer made plans to pick up the bass. I checked Reverb, the amp was still there, I confirmed the plans.

The buyer left his house for my house, a 45-minute drive. Half way into it, I checked Reverb…


I honestly considered telling the buyer to turn around and go home, but if I were a buyer and someone did that to me, I’d be pissed. I felt that I had no choice but to honor the sales agreement.

So now I am minus one bass, and not plus one amp.

(This is largely somewhat tongue-in-cheek as I still have 3 basses and 2 amps. It’s just a bit of a bummer that I sold a bass to buy an amp and the amp was sold before I could buy it so now I have neither.)


So now you have the money for when the next one shows up.


And don’t think I haven’t added a search for that amp to my Reverb feed. :smiley:


For me it was the opposite. :laughing: Breaking up got me into playing bass.


How quickly fortunes turn.

I received a surprise Thanksgiving bonus from my employer (we’ve had a really good year), and the same amp (well, 100w more, but otherwise the same) showed up on Reverb.

So I done did bought it. :slight_smile:


So, it’s a happy story of happiness!


Turns out, yeah!


Try here.

Carvin Bass Combo Amplifiers | Guitar Center

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