A topic unrelated to bass 😬

Hi all,

Just need your recommendation for a topic unrelated to bass …
I finished the course here about half a year ago, and I still continue to learn about bass.

I started looking in the direction of an electric guitar and I am looking for a similar online course.

I would really appreciate anyone who knows a similar course and can recommend to me.
I intentionally ask here - because everyone here is familiar with the fun learning style here.

It’s important for me to say that I am not interested in tabs or learning to play songs,
I do not like the “fast lane” style of learning.

Really appreciate to anyone who can recommend to me!


I liked Justin Sandercoe’s free stuff over at justinguitar.com.


What!? How dare you turn your back on the GrooveMaker?

No, I’m just kidding! :rofl:

This question comes up every now and then and Justin is always the one that gets recommended.

@howard Was it you that said he had a similar teaching style to Josh?


I don’t think it’s totally similar but he has a very approachable style and is very easy to learn from without a lot of added BS. Tons of material and training aids on his site too.


Cool. Thanks.


I am a life member of Blues Guitar Unleashed and highly recommend it. https://bluesguitarunleashed.com
Griff Hamlin’s teaching style is very similar to B2B.

Justin Sandeco at Justin Guitar has also been recommended https://www.justinguitar.com/ and is also very good considering his lessons are all free.
As far as things like theory is concerned Justin does not get into the nuts and bolts as much as The Blues Guitar Unleashed site.

I would not hesitate to recommend either of these sites.
Good luck.


When I played guitar, I couldn’t get enough of Paul David’s videos. I highly recommend you get into those no matter where you take a course. I still like watching these even though I only play bass now.

However, I’ve also just noticed he’s launched his own online course. I haven’t heard anything about it yet as I’ve been in the bass world, but I’m willing to bet it’s good value for money.

Lastly, I know you said electric guitar, but if you are ever interested in acoustic fingerstyle, then Tony Polecastro has a great course that has a very similar vibe to BassBuzz.


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+1 great for starting guitar


I didn’t know Paul Davids had a course out. I like his channel a lot.


Thanks u all! :pray: :pray:
@Paul @JT @howard @Celticstar @eric.kiser

Always feel Nice and cozy to Ask questions around here!

It’s just a pity I couldn’t find these teachers on Google.
Google results is just for whos has the best “Search engine optimization”.

Not that I have any complaints against Google …


I did a beginner course at guitar tricks and thought that was pretty good… Once you have done that you choose from different courses in specific styles bass, country, rock and acoustic… After that theres other modules you can do… They also have loads of videos focusing on different songs in those styles but your not interested in that.


https://www.andyguitar.co.uk/ is nice too. I learned power chords from him.


What’s a guitar?


Steve Stine is awesome and has thousands of free lessons online. He is my go-to guy when it comes to guitar. He is so friendly and relatable and knows how to explain stuff to a dumbass like me.


My ten year old grandson wanted guitar lessons. We are looking at martymusic. You can find free videos on YouTube. He has the same kind of"you can do this" attitude and teaching style. Maybe it’s worth a look.

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@salemslave Hey, I would recommend pick up music. It has a wide range of lessons and master classes and bootcamps with different instructors. the bad is its 15 dollars a month. https://app.pickupmusic.com/onboarding-step2

I like justin sandercoe, but his user interface was not working properly for me and never saved the progress. Good lessons tho. (Especially for the price)

I have taken Marty’s courses. They are OK but nothing you can’t get at Justin Guitar for free.
Here is a link.

I hope someone is going to be helping your grandson and not just let him sit there by himself.
I have some 10 year old students and they need constant direction and encouragement to keep their interest.

Where are you located, if you don’t mind me asking? :+1:

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So he has an uncle that is picking up an acoustic and going to work with him. I would do it myself, but i got that whole pesky needing to be employed thing-and since i travel to work, I’m almost never there, Maybe a couple weeks a year. But we play together on Skype pretty regularly. He’s got my Ibanez es300. And he’s starting to make it happen some. I’m just glad he’s into something good. So it stinks he’s in Indiana and I’m wherever i gotta be, but we all learned from the pandemic. Youre only as far apart as you make yourself.