You will sound just like that if you get this

Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore :frowning: it was a steal too at less than $7000. No not Cliff’s the replica, :joy:


It was a steal for MM! :rofl:


More like a robbery :joy:


Highway robbery. :money_with_wings:


We end every set (typically 4 a night) with an AC/DC number because our lead singer does a great Brian Johnson. Right now we do Shook Me, Thunderstruck, Noise Pollution, Shoot to Thrill, and Highway. We, for whatever reason, don’t ever play Back in Black. I’m relatively new; I’ll have to ask why we never do that one. Anyway, they’re all really fun and pretty easy, and we get a great reaction from the crowd. A lot of our tips come as a result of AC/DC :moneybag:


Is it wrong to play AccaDacca on something like this?

We play Highway to Hell, Hells Bells and High Voltage so far.


Wrong? Or weird?
Not necessarily. Yes, very.

I think the biggest problem is that it’s going to be really hard to get anything like an “authentic” AC/DC tone using a Hofner, right?

Personally, I’m not a stickler about having the exact tone of whichever player or band. I enjoy watching some of the “how to sound like so-and-so” videos, but I’m not hung out on having certain equipment and settings in order to mimic that sound. I play one of two bases — a Squier PJ or an Epi with ProBuckers — both with flats, run through a Fender Rumble 800, and like 2 pedals or 3 at most… and that’s what I play no matter what my band is covering.

If I know the next set is going to feature songs that sound better on the PJ, I’ll grab that one, but if midway through the set there’s a song or two that would probably sound better with the humbuckers, I’m most likely not going to switch basses because I just don’t have that kind of time between songs.

In other words, I find that convenience outweighs striving for “authenticity.” I’m in a cover band that covers about 40 bands in 4 hours, spanning at least 4 distinct genres, so it’s about sounding good not sounding precisely like each bassist in each band.

All that being said, if I owned a Hofner style bass, I wouldn’t bring it to the gigs I’m playing because we don’t do any Beatles numbers and very little Motown or soul; it just wouldn’t fit the vibe of my band or our setlist.

So, in my opinion, there’s a lot of leeway in what is acceptable, but a violin bass for AC/DC might be a bridge too far!


Mine is an Epiphone Viola, way different to a Hofner.
It can sound like a Hofner, but it is way more versatile and can sound like a growly solid body too.
Try one if you get a chance.
As to playing a violin bass with the ‘wrong’ genre, well it meets my definiton of both punk and metal. Using the ‘right’ bass is just pretentious :sunglasses: :crazy_face:

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