Acoustic Amps

Went to GC to try out some amps… very limited selection. Did not care for the peavy max 100 and didn’t care for it. they had a rumble 800 which is out v of my pricec range. otherwise it was just a wall of rumble 40s and a few Acoustic b100c amps. I kind of liked the tone on the acoustic but didn’t really test the volume. reviews say the DI is noisy and qc is suspect. anyone here have one?

Edit: to be clear, I am asking about the Acoustic brand amps that Guitar Center carries.


Any real music stores by you?
Amps are a thing to really go hear for yourself.

i have a guitar center and a dave’s guitar shop. neither has a wide selection of bass amps. also have a ward brodt, but they have very little bass anything

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I am very lucky I get to travel for work.
Everywhere I go I map out any music store that might have anything I have not seen before and stop in.
There’s a lot of wasted time, but a lot of neat discoveries.

I have also taken vaca days to just make some longer local drives to check out shops.
It’s like a day of beauty but for music people.


I’m using both my Genz. Benz and Genzler acoustic amp for my electric upright and they both sounded great. I did use it for bass as well and both sounded just as great, though they don’t pack the punch so they will do well in some genres but not all. I don’t expect the awesome low from a 5 string for sure. Most acoustic amps I tried have 2 input and build in effects as well as mic input.

I think Old_Noob is asking about the Acoustic brand. I made this mistake many times. :innocent:

If budget and stores are limited you might wanna check the used market and do some online research?


current/new Acoustic =/= Acoustic from back in the day, iirc. A lot of modeler pedals, if they do bass at all, tend to have models of an Acoustic 360 or 370, iirc. It’s probably the second most common modeled amp for bass after the Ampeg SVT.

If I was going to buy a bass combo today it would be between a Markbass (likely out of your price range given the Rumble 800 thing; GC once had the one I like on sale for $650 vs $950) or an Orange Bass Crush 100. The thing weighs almost as much as my GB 4x10 lol but damn does it sound good to me.

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I didn’t care for the Acoustic brand amps. At least, not the less expensive ones I got to try at Guitar Center. They also had the worst headphone out of all the different amps I tried. YMMV.

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from what I’ve read, the modern reincarnation is… kinda trash, nostalgia name-grabby, cheap stuff.