Acoustic B100C 1X12 thoughts

Been thinking about getting a Acoustic B100C 1X12. I played through it and a Rumble 100 at the local GC.

Anyone out there have one and how has it been for you so far?


Hi @grampbass. Welcome to BassBuzz!

I have played through an Acoustic amp before. Nothing wrong with them. I went with the Rumble because I liked the sound better.

Also, I thought the Rumble had a much better sounding headphone connection. This was pretty important for me since I end up playing through headphones most of the time.


Okay, I finally picked it up. It is on sale right now at Musicians Friend but my local GC priced matched. Obviously since they are basically the same company. Will be using it tonight and to finally get down and start learning.

I was playing through my Fender guitar amp and worried about messing up the speaker, so glad that I finally picked up the bass amp.

Here is the link for Musicians Friend. It is only $229 - Acoustic B100C 1X12 100W Bass Combo With Tilt-Back Cab Black | Musician's Friend

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