Acus Amp

Does anyone use an Acus acoustic guitar amplifier? I’ve tested one in my local store and it was amazing, didn’t know my bass can sound so good :sweat_smile: I think it was the 8t model. If someone has one of this I’ll be thankful for some feedback. I currently own a rumble20 and a positive grid.


Why don’t you go for something “neutral”, like a PA? Otherwise the effects (from the spark, if you use them) will not sound the same as via monitoring headphones, for example.

I did this with my JBL EON 710 and got a very good tone out of it:

  1. Measure with REW

  1. Create EQ (you can even use a “House curve”, like harman Kardon etc.)

  1. Modify EQ to 8 parms

  1. Upload into the EON DSP using the app:

Now it sounds (almost) perfect, taking into account the speaker, the room and my listening position…

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PS It’s not as complicated as it looks.

I found these to be good videos to explain what to do (it takes 15 minutes):

Setting up REW

Getting averages for better results:

Getting EQ Filters

Get a JBL EON 710 (or 712 if you have enough space) from Thomann, measure/eq it and play you bass/music. As far as I know, you can even connect your Spark to it and use it’s effects.
If you don’t like it I’ll buy you a beer!
You can always send it back within 30 days (the JBL, not the beer ^^)

You need a MiniDSP UMIK-1 microphone to get good measurements. I can lend it to you…


Oh yeah of course. Acoustic amp can sound pretty awesome as they are made with live performances in mind. Most have all kinds of awesome input connectivity some even offer Bluetooth.

Acus are pretty cool. I like their input options mic with phantom power, vocal and wet effects for guitars and bass. I use my acoustic amp for my Electric upright.


@chris_van_hoven thanks for the research, I think I will order one as soon as my budget allows it and try it. Tomorrow I pick up the new bass in Berlin :star_struck:

@Al1885 if the Dutch’s advice is shit, I go with the acus :rofl:

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Why not try both? You can always use the German 2nd amendment: “Widerrufsrecht”!

I will check if my Spark will output it’s effects to my JBL without any latency and give some feedback, ok?

Also, we can skype as soon as you have your EON, and I can help you setting the EQ. You need a calibrated microphone though, if you want a precise result.

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Cool! I just tested my Spark MINI with the EON 710. Works flawlessly! I did not notice any latency in this mode (headphone out => line in), and of course the EON sounds much better than the MINI.

I remember correctly that you have the Spark 40, right?
So you could use either headphone out or line out, if it has that.
I guess that the 40 works like my MINI, so the Spark 40 speaker will be muted and it will use the EON as speaker for all effects as well as bluetooth audio…

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Tested with my Spark GO too. Works excactly the same. No latency, great sound.
Didn’t bother to use the Sparks with the EON until now. Very cool when you discover that your toys can do other stuff too…

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Thank you very much Chris. I’ll contact you as soon as I ordered it.