ADGc Tuning

Got into a discussion with a musician today, and thought I would look at a Beck song. He is as turns out, in ADGc tuning. I have a bass in BEAd tuning, and I can just down tune a step. But it has low action and strings may be floppy.

So what are good gauges for AGDc tuning? I know 105 - 85 - 65 (ish), but what for the A, 145?

135 should be ok to try, it gives a nice firm B so should still be ok at A. And yeah, 105 will be just fine at D.

Unless it’s a short scale, then you might be out of luck.

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34", comes from the factory n drop C so should be fine

If you are talking about going the opposite spectrum of BEAD then the ADGC would be the 85-65-45-30. I’m planning on putting on one of my 4 string for chords and melodies.

Edit: my bad, you are going all drop tuning. That’s a lot of low notes you’d probably needs to raise quite a bit of action to allow for clearance or get one of this

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That bass really pulls the rug together.


I’ve been mostly using my Peterson clip on for tuning, but I think I’ve found its limitations. It has a hard time picking up a sub octave A

Time for my pedalboard again.

Anyway, it’s tuned, the A is a bit flubby, but okayish, and it sounds great. Bass has the SPB4 Harris pickup

Played Superstar by Sonic Youth on it (way up the frets) and it sounds really nice

Now to work on Beck