Adhesive for Nut and other advice

I did that and it is identical (its a replacement nut for this bass). It just seems high though. I’m thinking there might be some residual dried up superglue on the bottom of the channel, which is why I asked about the height of the strings. That information would be helpful.

String height is = slot height, not nut height.
String height in the slot is the area of the bass with the most ‘voodoo’ methods I have found, meaning ‘feel vs. measure’.
I don’t like any of the measured method for string height at the nut (in the slot) found to date, but there are some you can use as a general guide, just start a bit high and adjust down

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The first thing I would do is see how it feels fretting the first fret. If it feels fine to you, leave the nut like it is.

If it feels unusually difficult, might want to lower the nut.

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@John_E could you check your ESP and tell me how high the bottom of the E string (for example) is from the fingerboard at the nut? That would be quite helpful to me. Thanks

Slightly difficult, but gawd awful tone. It just seems very high to me

The way I learned to check the nut height is to fret in the third fret up against the second fret wire (i.e. on the opposite side you usually do it). The string should just barely, like by the thickness of a piece of paper or two, clear the first fret wire. If there is a large gap, might want to consider lowering the nut.

That method is the guideline Warwick puts in their manuals.

I would also say that nut height is not something I would consider critical unless it is way way off. No need to break out a gauge or anything.


This bass sounded great until I started messing with the nut (Zero Fret etc.) Now, it’s a friggin’ train wreck!

~.056 using stacked gauges, but note, you have a B string, should be different.

Music Nomad advises .20-.026 below the string in playing position (.02 is their standard but i find this a bit to low)
John Caruthers advises .022 on the bench
I can tell you .022 in playing position is too low if you are going to agressively play.
This is why I don’t like any of these systems for nut height.

What I have found recently (the hard way)…
Nut height sets your ability to play over varying neck relief as humidity changes. go to low, and the neck has to be super dialed in all the time without buzz.
Too low also may give you fret buzz behind certain frets when the neck moves slightly (a problem I recently had).

For a B string I really don’t know the ‘conversion’, I wouldn’t go below .026 to start, maybe even higher using the fret the 3rd fret

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I used that method and am able to slide three business cards at the 1st fret. Definitely too high.

My yamaha 5er B string is

sorry, this is UNFRETTED, my bad

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I don’t even have a B string on there right now, only E, A, and D to hold the nut in place. Without fretting the strings, the distance between the bottom of the strings and the 1st fret is .192… way too high.

for sure, please also see my correction above

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@John_E can you tell me what that measurement is on your ESP?

Yeah that does sound high.

The way it is now, if I fret anywhere below the 4th fret, I get a weird, flat twangy sound that doesn’t even resemble a bass tone. 5th fret and above it sounds fine.
Truss rod comes to mind, but everything was fine before I started messing with the nut.

in playing position it is .026, which to me is too high.
I have been messing around lately with nut height and intend on lowering a number of basses, and learning as I go.
my intent is to lower this to .022.
I did this on another bass and had a slight issue regarding neck movement (relief) and buzzing and am on the ‘hairy edge’, so decided to take a step back.
Put it at .026 (unfretted) and see, easy to move to .024 or .022 later, harder to build back up.

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I know this is probably all confusing, and it is confusing to me.
What I am seeing is nut height and neck quality are correlated, and too low means potential issues.
Also playing style effects how low a nut can go.
So now taking baby steps.
I am still pretty sloppy as a player, so need forgiving setup vs. a really dialed in one at this point.

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.026 = 2 business cards

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Thanks for the help @John_E and @howard . It was quite helpful to me.


Thank you @PamPurrs for this thread.

Quick but related question: how high would you set the nut height for a fretless bass? I’m considering this question with regard to my DIY frankenjazz.

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