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In just a week I have gone from module one to module 6 which is halfway through the course??!?! I am concerned because I am going very fast through the beginner to the badass course. Are there more advanced course options? I played the cello for 6 years followed by the standup bass for 3, so electric bass is right up my alley and I was able to skip a lot of the theory and rhythm lessons. I love it and have spent almost 5 to 6 hours a day playing. the course has been a lifesaver and have legit never learned an instrument so fast. I’m scared that the money I spent is not going to be worth it. Do the later modules pick up in difficulty? I’m on module 6 right now and I’m just worried that I wasted my money.


No fear there; Josh offers a money back guarantee on his course. If it isn’t for you then contact him.

You can always look ahead to later lessons to decide for yourself as well.


Just curious…how can the course be “a lifesaver and have legit never learned an instrument so fast” and then “I’m just worried that I wasted my money”. Trying to understand your concern.


I was going to ask this as well; it sounds like you have already gotten your moneys worth, but only you can make that decision.


was going to say the same same so I will just add

upload a video of you playing Billie Jean at full tempo. If you can do that in the first 3 attempts then decide if you want a refund.


Just in addition to what the others have said, I would highly suggest not skipping lessons just based on the title - Josh shares lots of valuable nuggets of info in those lessons, so while the main idea of the lesson may be basic, there is info to be gained in every lesson. Just IMHO of course… Good luck!


I was in the same boat as you just over 2 years ago.

What I discovered was that playing the electric Bass is not for everyone. In my case, I discovered that I got more pleasure out of my guitars, both electric and acoustic. Primarily acoustic.

I have never taken my Bass to a jam session, and I go several times, at least 2, a week and it would just be too much of a hassle lugging the Bass and amp to sessions. Also if it was a bluegrass session it was not allowed as most bluegrass groups do not allow any electric instruments, and drum sets are a definite no no. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, these days I use the electric Bass basically as a musical metronome and lay down a track of power chords into a DAW (Reaper) track and then use it as a backing track. As you already have experience with cello, and standup bass, your feeling towards continuing with the electric bass may be different, and that is OK. It would be a pretty boring world if we all wanted/liked the same thing.

My advice would be to keep going with the course for now and see if it is still too easy for you a couple of more weeks down the road. If you still feel the same way then contact B2B and get your money back.

Also, as has been mentioned, don’t skip any lessons. :+1:


It’s a beginner course.
As others have said if you are not feeling it, then get a refund, Josh is cool.
The course is designed to get you playing and give you a feel for all different styles and techniques.

If you are looking to go deep, there are threads here that talk about options, but the majority here are very big on Talkingbass as the next logical step.
Lots more theory and deep diving, have a look.


I am progressing through the lessons fairly easily (even Billie Jean) and I have played a few other instruments previously as well as having played Youtube roulette for lessons and mucked around with Guitar Pro.
I started from lesson one and have done every lesson and exercise because I value the method Josh uses and the nuggets but also because I believe in mastering fundamentals no matter how boring or easy you may find them (I don’t find them boring or always easy)
I also like that there is a set program I can practice to.

TLDR: even with prior experience and not being challenged by every lesson the course is valuable


you know what it is very valuable, I think I will keep going with it. Hes a very good teacher. Thanks for you input and experience!


I want to clarify I have not skipped any lessons, I just find the review lessons on reading music and theory easy because I have prior experience. They do not take me as long to learn


I spent the total amount for what I believed would take me a few months, not a month to complete. I guess I’m just concerned that there was a better course option for me I missed.


Oh wow I will check it out thanks!


Well, like I said, you’re the only one that can decide if you got your money’s worth. FWIW it sounds to me like you are getting it, but it’s up to you.

I’ve been able to read music for around 40 years and knew basic music theory prior to the course from playing other instruments. In my opinion the course was still the best value in music I have spent so far.

You’re spending 5-6 hours a day on it. I would say for a month of that level of instruction, you got a bargain. YMMV.


You know what you are right. Its been great. I guess I am just scared because I don’t want the lessons to end. :frowning:


That’s virtually what everyone who’s taken B2B has said. Josh made magic with this course, and that’s hard enough to do once, much less multiple times. is an excellent follow-on to B2B. It is markedly different in approach and subject matter, but it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get serious about learning to play bass and understanding bass music theory. Judging from your past music experience, it seems like you’d feel right at home with TB. Good luck.


Yeah I’ll second the recommendation for @markjsmith’s courses at TalkingBass. Definitely intermediate level and higher, definitely high quality instruction.


So you could play bass every week at a jam, but choose not to?



I flew through the first several modules. Like the OP I came in with a good music theory foundation and music experience.

I still found the early lessons worthwhile. It wasnt until Billie Jean that I really struggled. And let me tell you, I really struggled.

It’s all been worth it, even the lessons where I felt I knew most/all of the content. My technique and fundamentals needed (and still need) what @JoshFossgreen is teaching.

Glad to hear the recommendations for post-BB life. Probably saves me posting the same topic later. I’m in module 10 now and already wondering what I’ll do to continue the learning when I finish.


Good to know. I’ve also done some playing in the past. I took this to get back into playing and it’s paying off far better than I could have hoped. I’m starting module 4 today and might complete it …and beyond… tomorrow. I do think having the playing history helps, but I’m able to correct a lot of the bad habits I made the first time.

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