I guess like most people, I mostly tune out TV commercials. Yesterday watching the bears game I heard a commercial that had in the background a pretty cool bass line, just a drum and bass track. Then, while I was paying attention, the next 4 or so commercials were also bass oriented. It seems like a ton of ads feature bass (or synth bass). Could probably come up with a cool practice routine using TV commercials. Anybody else notice this?


There have been many cool bass lines in commercials over the years. I can’t name them off the top of my head, but I know there have been quite a few. I guess bass is the musical equivalent of a sexy female model for selling products.


Yep, I’ve noticed. Especially since taking the course.

When I want to let my mind unravel I’ll watch old videos from the 1970’s. Lots of bass in there where the bass will carry the melody. Lately, I’ve been watching old game shows; one them “MatchGame73” features a little ditty where there’s a bass carrying the melody with the guitar with a wah pedal doing rhythm. It’s precursor to the Jephardy tune we all know that’s played while contestants come up with answers. As I listen to it, I try to figure it out…then the bass player adds some tension by altering the notes.

But, the rhythm is always the same: quarter-quarter-eighth, eighth, eighth, eighth. It’s a good listening exercise. About 5 mins in you can hear it. It’s a bit campy, but it’s the 1970’s