Advice needed, Spark? Vox? Whatever?

Hi all, I am looking for something a bit more meaty than the Spark Go that I have had for a few days. Nothing wrong with it other than it’s only really suitable for practicing alone in a quiet environment. The Mrs and I tried a little play along and she couldn’t really hear my bass over her acoustic guitar. The Spark mini and regular smart amp seem quite good, but then what do I know? They also seem a bit more pricey than other amps of similar spec, but then I guess you have to finance the app and all the music available with it, etc.
So I was wondering, what do other people use in the 10-40w range?

They will be releasing the Spark Cab soon, which you can plug your Spark Go into.
Maybe that is what you are looking for?


There are many threads here on these choices with great insights. Give the forum a search!

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Warwick BC10/BC20, Rumble 25/40, Vox Pathfinder 10B, Ibanez P20 Promethean. One of these should do. Avoid Blackstar, like your life depends on that.

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Yeppers @Capn @Rob150 and all the new members the search function is your friend.

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What’s the scoop on Blackstar? I thought they were an up an comer?

They got quite a bad hype and I wouldn’t get one for the time being, because I don’t trust how reliable they can truly be. I got a Warwick BC10 as a bedroom amp and it was a wise choice.

Do you mean Blackstar the British company formed by some ex Marshall employees?

I don’t know much about their stuff.

Do you have any links to poor bass related reviews etc please @Rob150 for my edification.

The company itself is fine. But much like Vox, they have lent their name to a bunch of the cheap AmPlug type products.

I would say all these super cheap flimsy things are more or less identical and the brand doesn’t really matter, with the possible exception of NUX, but I would have low expectations there too.

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Ok @howard I’ll be honest I wasn’t even aware that they made bass amps until I looked in their website just now apart from the little Fly things.

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As with all things though, unless I know someone has actually bought / tried a product rather than just regurgitate some chatter on the internet I refer to my favourite cartoon.



Here you can find those who love Blackstar:
Usually you will see reviews of their top-end models, which tend to be well built.
Here Blackstar U500 combo - Amps & Cabs - Basschat there is one of those, where people like the amp in general, but suggest adjustments on the tone.
Hearing their tones, I personally don’t like how they sound, and prefer Orange (just to stay in Britain) over them. If I had to choose Blackstar anyway, I would probably go all the way up and get a top-end model, for sure not a small bedroom combo, like the type the OP is looking for.
Here Reddit - Dive into anything is a thread of guitar players who complain about Blackstar as a brand, while some other people still praise it.
Here 5 Blackstar Amp Problems And Their Best Solutions - CMUSE you can read some common issues that have been noticed on their amps.

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OK thanks @Rob150, have you ever owned or played through a Blackstar Bass amp?

Not owned, just tried. I was attracted by the many recommendations I read for them, and I also liked that they were a relatively young company, trying to make their way up in a competitive market. Of course I expressed my personal standpoint, and everyone is free to disagree. I eventually settled for a Warwick BC10. If I had to pick a Blackstar, I would most probably get a high-end combo, not the small ones.

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Ok cool. I just assumed that based on your strong opinion that someone from Blackstar keyed your car or spilled your beer and you’re still mad about it.

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LMAO. That would be awful, but kind of funny.

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Nothing wrong with Blackstar IMO. They sell amps for a fair price and most have good reviews on Thomann and Sweetwater.

The Blackstar sound signature is perhaps a bit more “neutral” compared to other brands like Marshall, Vox and Orange. :man_shrugging:t2:

The new Amped pedals/amps are quite popular!

Apparently this Amped 3 is designed for high gain stuff. The 1 and 2 are more mainstream.

Update time. I have just received a Fender Rumble LT25. It’s a bit bigger than I really wanted but sounds great and has a load of tones. I probably could have got away with something nearer to 10w and quite a bit more compact. But I guess the 25 will be more useful in the long run. Sadly the Spark Go will be heading back to Mr. Bezos’ garden shed, or wherever it is that all the Amazon returns end up.

Probably some endangered whale species will suffocate on that. But don’t worry, the same whale laughed at a drowning seal who got stuck on the bottom of the ocean because of some plastic wrapper from a sunken Wish container. Natural balance. :slight_smile:

And congratz on a new noise-maker.

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You can buy Amazon returns by the pallet in Brooklyn.
Don’t have any clue if its legit or not, but they are nice, big grab bags.

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