Advice on the following

Evening all, UK based beginner here (7 weeks) currently with a VERY budget gear4music short scale.
I saw this on marketplace and would like to know is it beginner friendly and priced fair?

Being so new all I could do is visually check it over as I’m in no position skillwise to plug it in and know if it is in good order or not

Thank you for your help.


Looks beautiful. I can’t see any reason this would not be less than ideal. Seems very reasonably priced too.


I got one, c4, artisan, black burst, and it’s perfect. Easy to play, passive and active, you can get so much out of it. Just beautiful. Little to heavy, for someone… maybe, 5 kg, but I got used to it. Anyway…I recommend it.


I own several G&L guitars and basses built by Cor-Tek as well as a PRS DGT SE and they are all terrific instruments. Their own Cort models are also very good.


Yeah I had a Cort M600 (PRS SE Custom clone) and it was great. Not as good as my Revstars but still just fine.

Cort is pretty awesome. Very similar in quality to Ibanez in both models and trims of their sub $1000.