After 1 year

Hey all,
I just thought I’d throw up a post marking my 1 year journey with electric bass!

I can’t believe it’s been a year and how far I’ve come along. I love the instrument and as I’ve said on many occasions, WHY didn’t I start this when I was younger. Much younger.

This video isn’t really an homage to my 1st year but more a looking forward to what I’ve got on my plate to learn, besides the 50 song challenge songs.

Critique as you like, These songs are early-days versions. I also do ramble-on a bit, pun intended.

The audio for voice is pretty low. It was mu first time recording voice so of course it’s too low. I wasn’t going to re-0record.
Also towards the end one of my channels cut out so OBS picked up the slack.

Congrats to any other 1-year anniversary folks! Post your thougths!


Congrats on your anniversary!

Those videos are always good - as a way to see and hear yourself and thus become more aware of what your weak points are; but also to look back to in another year’s time or so to actually understand and see your progress much more clearly.

What would be really beneficial for you is to play along a metronome more; that’ll train you to follow an “objective” beat instead of your own perceived “subjective” beat.

Another focus point could be muting… it’s a struggle for many (and for a long time); might as well think about it early on!


@groaner, don’t downplay the improvement in your dance moves (sway). Seriously, good job my man.


Thanks for the feedback and sentiment.

Muting on that cake song, and all the others, ya. I’m working on that as I go along.

It can be tricky in some spots!


Thanks Booker!

The sway moves me…

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Congratulations on the year! It sounds like you are on point to me. I’m not gonna offer a showdown.
It looks good on you, keep it up!


Thanks Dad!

This was really just a fun video fireing out what I’m working on and not really trying very hard.

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Congrats @groaner! Looks like you’re having fun with it and making a lot of progress. Keep after that Rush song, Geddy still baffles me, but I’ve grown a lot as a player just by trying to approximate him. I think its great you put this together, you should make one next year too.


Thanks! That’s the plan!

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Ok, so I revisited Ramble On and have found an alternative fretting that is MUCH easier on my wrist.

If you’re watched through to where I was playing it, I slid from the 9th tho the 11th, and then from the 11th to the 13th.

Well that’s wrong. It’s not a slide, it’s a hammer on.
That was my first flaw. (there are many, but that one was major)

The next issue I had was the back and forth around the 12th, 14th and 11th frets. It was cramped and my wrist did not like it.

Now I’ll be moving up the neck to the 7,9,11 area to compensate. Much easier on the higher strings. I’ll try to film my change to demonstrate.

At some point.

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one year that’s great! Great post!

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