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Hey BassBuzzers, time to pay it forward. I’ll be listing all of my cover songs. If you find the song interesting and want to learn how to play I’ll put up the tutorial for the song.

I’ll record in different sections and break it down to intro, verse, chorus, and outtro. I did make the tab for some of the songs if I have them I’ll post them.

No theories just play.

I will make a pledge to be 100% Bias on how I show you the tutorial you can be sure it’s 100% my fault if it’s played wrong lol.

Between Us by Harry Connick Jr
Good time for love by Sadao Watanabe
Don’t dream it’s over
by Paul Young
Don’t Dream it’s over another bass, lol.
I couldn’t help myself by Sarah Hickman
Rudolph the red nose reindeer by Baby Face
How Deep is Your Love NeoSoul/ Smooth Jazz style
Heal the World by Michael Jackson
Bad Company by well, Bad Company, lol. Live version
Ready for love live by Bad Company. Sterling short scale
Read for Love Fender American Performer Mustang bass
Winter Wonderland by Scotty McCreery
Between us 2022 holidays multiple basses
Fallen by Lauren wood Pretty Women Soundtrack
Carolina in the city TV Jingle by Grant Geissman
To Make You Feel My Love by Scary Pocket
Not Dead yet By STYX
This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham

> I Touch myself by Divinys
You’ve got a Friend live by James Taylor
Lovely Day by Bill Withers
Up on the Roof live by James Taylor
Basketball Kiss By Alan Silvestri Father of the bride Soundtrack


Alright here are the list I’ll start from the beginning

Between us by Harry Connick Jr
It’s my favorite bass testing song. I put every basses I own to this because I have to go up and down the neck. It has many techniques and must be played with enough fluidity to get the tone right.

It’s a great practice song as many sections repeats so you can work on one fill and repeats it through out the song till you learn the next fill then mix and match, rinse and repeat the next thing you know you are doing different fills throughout the song then you can work on the phrase . I’m about half way there on this song you can see the later progression on the version 2 on this song.

The key is to break it down and practice and practice. These are the kind of tune that needs to be played a few hundreds times under your fingers until it sound natural and not forced.

Like every songs on this thread if you have question about how to play this I’ll post up the tutorial video. Enjoy and feel free to leave me feed back as we learn at different rate and take cue from different elements, I’m looking forward to learning from all participants as we move forward.

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The next song is also fun

Good time for love by Sadao Watanabe

The bass played by favorite Steve Bailey

It’s a great slow funky song that you can work on your 16th. Fills are simple enough but they are connected to the 16th so you can learn how to navigate that.

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