Almost to the end of B2B!

I am currently working through the last couple of lessons on my B2B journey. And it makes me somewhat sad. It took longer than anticipated because I got sidelined halfway through with COVID and the brain fog that accompanied it. So, I started over at the very beginning and took it slowly, made sure my equipment was set up, and just finished the “pick” module and workouts. I feel as though I still have so much to learn. However, I am a lot better than when I originally picked up the bass to begin this journey. I have to thank Josh for getting me this far and I hope to be finished by this weekend. I still have confusion on diatonic chord progressions and other theory subjects but think I could hold my own on a jam. I want to continue my education once done with B2B. Thinking about Mark with the “Chord Tones” course or Scott with his fretboard mastery course.




Congrats on the course, Eddie! Kickass, man!

As for Chord Tones Essentials by Mark Smith, I wholeheartedly recommend it. But know going in: Mark ain’t fooling around; he and the material are serious.

I say this not to put you off of it. In fact, exactly the opposite is true.

Just know going in that Mark teaches theory here, to the point and very comprehensively. So if you’re not comfortable or familiar with music theory, you’ll be best served by taking each lesson s-l-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w. And repeating one or more until stuff makes sense.

Mark doesn’t structure this course as a race; it’s a long steady hike over new terrain, so take your time and pace yourself. The material and what you’ll get out of it is invaluable in learning how the fingerboard is laid out and how to be a better player. And those are destinations worth hiking towards.


This is where I went and glad I did.
That said, I could take the course over again and it would continue to be useful. A lot to take in there.
I paired it with Ari’s first book and they reinforced each other well. His Scales class is good to go to next as well.

Find something lighter to do as well, covers or a simpler course on something so you don’t get discouraged drowning in theory.

Can’t comment on Scott, other than I despise him and his courses.


Hi Eddie, like you I was searching round for courses after B2B. I’m a big fan of spending money on lessons vs gear. I did Mark Smiths Bassic Fundamentals Course. There was a lot of repetition of the B2B stuff but I still got a lot of technique pointers out of it that I didn’t get from Josh.

However what I’m currently working through is Dan Hawkins From Beginner to Bassist course. I really like his teaching style and yes there’s some repetition to start with. Some of his concepts and more importantly his way of thinking about the bass are totally worth the money IMHO. Plus it’s no risk as there’s a 100% full refund available within the first 30 days.



Dan’s Beginner to Bassist course looks really good.


There are also Ariane’s courses. Didn’t try any of those but I have them bookmarked.


And then there are Carol Kaye books for learning bass.

At her website, she offers a set of books for bass sold individually, starting with her original classic “How to Play the Electronic Bass,” and then volumes 1-6 of “Electric Bass Lines.” These are not like other materials, thin booklets, somewhat bare bones and not leading you by the hand, plus you have to know how to read music (no tabs). But, very good stuff. There are some reviews at Amazon, although unless you want the Kindle version, I would advise purchasing from Carol’s website, which has more of a selection. Plus, Kindle versions don’t have the CDs and other music information inserts which are included with the physical books.

She also has a Bass DVD Course, and some other books/CDs/DVDs if you get into jazz.

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That’s the direction I went and it was quite beneficial. I took his scales course simultaneously with B2B and highly recommend that one too.
I’m not a fan of Scott’s teaching style, and have never taken any of his courses so I can’t comment on the fretboard mastery course.


Actually, I am on the last two lessons and to be honest, I feel a touch of sadness that B2B is almost over. I have been delaying module 16 so that I can make it last a little longer. Josh’s teaching style has brought me light years from where I started. I still cannot nail all of the fast workouts but for the most part, I can make my way around the fretboard without getting lost. I could probably hold my own during a jam with others, and am going to start other courses. I do have Ari’s books on theory for the bass player and her patterns book. I will start working through them in the next couple of weeks. I know Mark Smith and Luke as well as Scott are probably going to be getting money from me soon. I would consider James but cannot get beyond the eyebrows. They appear to be living, breathing creatures on his face. Very distracting. Anyway, I hope to continue to improve and eagerly await Josh blessing us with an intermediate course in the future.


Well, I am now badass. I don’t feel differently but I have finished the course. I will now move to Ari’s videos cause I bought her book on theory and patterns. Mark Smith will have some of my money for his chord tones course. And I will definitely be watching Luke as I like his style. Unlike some of you, I love Scott. I’ll figure out where to spend my time and money over the next week or so. To celebrate I may buy the Squier CV 60 at GC or MF for $339.00 on sale. Seems to be a killer bass for little cash. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there.


Good moves on Mark Smith and Ariane.


Congrats @EddieJones


Congratulations on your accomplishment, Eddie! I am just getting into the Module 5, Lesson 2 part of the course and after having a LOT of trouble with the Billy Jean lesson and having moved on, I have not had much ambition to go further.

I currently have a project around the house that is taking a lot of time - I am dismantling a wood deck and after that, will be dismantling the 24’ diameter above-ground pool in my back yard. Taking apart the deck has turned into a BIG job and our hot weather has not helped much.

I am going to get back to the B2B course and will try my best to finish it. I do really want to become a bass player and at least want to be able to play along with my favorite Creedence Clearwater, BTO and Steppenwolf songs.

Congrats again!



Covid sidelined me early on about halfway through the course. Made my brain so foggy I couldn’t concentrate. So I started back from square one and forced myself to slow down take in the ideas and concepts and apply myself. You can do it. Try to ease back into it and have fun. Once you are having fun, you’ll stick with it to the end.


@Bradford Don’t worry, Brad. You can do it.

Just knock out your home projects first. The physical work will help clear your head. Then, when you’re done with that, the lessons and your trusty bass will be there to welcome you back.

As has been said here many times, Billie Jean isn’t a pre-requisite for getting through the rest of the course. A lot of people move on to the rest of the lessons after working through the slow BJ workout, even if it isn’t perfect. And pretty much everyone has been thrilled to go back to BJ to find that it’s totally doable. You will, too.

Hang in there, man. And you’ll be happily playing along with all Creedence, etc.


I think you got this @Bradford . Billie Jean is a harsh mistress. And beat it still kills me after all this time because of the fast shift. I can do it, but it’s noisy. So I’ll tell you what i was told-if you can’t play it fast, play it slow. It will come to you.

Obviously, we’ve all got lives other than strapping on a bass. Handle your business. It doesn’t habe an expiration date. And think how you’ll need an aspirin from smiling so much after you do nail it down.:blush: