American Music Festival Tokyo

Someone, I assume tasked with finding some local American acts to perform, reached out to the guitar player I’ve been jamming, with and he reached out to me to ask, “Do you want to take Tokyo Rat and do a festival”. My first thought was do I want to play guitar or bass, do I know a drummer and a singer. Pretty sure I’m going to do this if we are truly being invited, we decided to to do six Tokyo Rat songs and four covers and we’ll have a couple more in our pocket just in case. I sent the talent scrounger an email with links to soundcloud playlist and a link to my youtube page, he may tell me , “don’t call us, we’ll call you” (love that song), ghost me, or write back. Good or bad, I’ll keep you posted on what ever happens, even if it is nothing at all. The event isn’t until mid September plenty of time.


Sweet! Good luck.


Congrats! Break a leg!
Oh, and be sure to get it all filmed and uploaded onto the interweb for our leisurely enjoyment. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice one @Tokyo_Rat
Be sure to keep the updates coming


I heard back from the talent scrounge he said he likes what I do but considers it chill for the festival…wants a sixties/seventies style rock band. I asked is he looking for a cover band or one doing original music. I don’t know if I want to stand there and bang out covers for an hour if thats what its about I’d just as soon stay home and record. I was doing covers of 70s tunes in the 70s, 45 yrs later I don’t have a big desire to do it again…I wouldn’t mind throwing in a couple of trower tunes though…LOL


Met with the guitar player this weekend and looked at some songs sat around and played for a few of hours…decided if we do this I am going to play bass. Handled the duties for everything that we played without too much difficulty. 60s and 70s…bang a gong, radar love, two tickets, jailbreak (thin lizzy), heartbreak hotel, too rolling stoned, born under a bad sign, got to get out of this place…shaping up to be a nice set list


WOW! :heart_eyes: Great list!
This is definitely gonna need a video record :grin:


If I went in a bar and a band was playing this (and doing it well), I’d stick around for another beer


For sure @Tokyo_Rat