Amp shopping, thoughts?

I am looking at a couple options. One new, and two used options.

First the new.
TC Electronics BG250 208 - 2 x 8” 250w

What I like. It’s small, it’s powerful, and it is upgradable. This is basically a 2x8 cab with a BH250 mounted to the back, with “Speakon” out to go out to an additional cabinet. I bet you could take the head off and use with another cab alone if you want.

I love the idea of this amp, and Tone Print, along with pre or post DI out.
Option 2 for new is actually to just get the BH250 and get a cabinet used.


Option 3 (same seller on Let Go)
SWR Working Man 15 - $100
And working man 4x10 cab - $100
( they were going for $180 each, but have since dropped in price)

I have played this amp at the local Guitar / Pawnshop, and have always kept it in the back of my mind. I loved the sound and features, and at &150 (at the store) find it a good buy.
Here it is sold with the Cab for $200.

It is 1x15 with 1” tweeter and 160w at 8ohms
Add the 4x10 8ohm cab and it’s 200w at 4ohms

Option 4
SWE Black Beauty Combo Amp - $200

This baby is stacked.
It is also a 15” with 1” tweet
350w @ 4ohms (internal speaker)
400w @2.6ohms (with 8 ohm extension cab)
450w @2ohms (with 4ohm extension Cab)

So, this doesn’t have an extension cab, but don’t NEED one now, of course, I could buy that other cab in option 3 for $100, and still be at $300, which is more hen $100 less then the TC Elec BG250 208.

Or, I still have not sold this unit I got with my Schecter. Although it is rather big, it is super bad ass.

It is 4ohms, so it cannot be used with the SWR Workingman 15 combo amp, or with the BG250 as an extension cab, but I could unhook the internal 2x8 speakers and go direct if I needed the punch from the cab.

But it would rock with the Black Beauty (option 4) and be awesome for almost any size gig. (Not that I am doing any gigs at all now, or in the immediate future). Space could be an issue at some point however. Not likely, but possible.

Anyone here use SWR before? I hear great things, and was completely blown away with any I have had a chance to plug into.

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when I played with Kernel Panic (as a guitar player), the bass player had a SWR. I posted a video of this guy on the cover thread a few weeks ago. he still has the SWR, it’s a 400w 2U rack and he plugs it into an Ashdown 4x10 cab. sounds really good in the modern way.

about your different options, I think the SWR Working Man is a true bargain. it’s ugly (grunge ?) but the quality-to-price ratio would be hard to beat.


Love that band name.


Ok, I pulled the trigger on the option @peterhuppertz recommended. It was equally my first decision along with option 4, at least for now.
It was so cheap, and is so loud, both alone and combined with the Cabinet. I probably do not need the cab, at least not now, but at that price, had to take it. The SWR WM15 with the WM 4x10 cab for $200.
The SWE Black Beauty was $200 alone. Possibly a better combo, but I am not sure I would notice much difference side by side right now.
With the money I saved not buying new, hypothetically, I could get the black beauty as well. NO, No, I am not getting it, it’s just showing the value purchasing used va new.

Also, if in tome I wand to upgrade to something like the TC Electronics BG250 208, I am sure there will be more used options as the Tone Print line has been out longer. Or I could just go for the BH250 and use the SWR WM 4x10 cab I now have. Ahhhh, I like where I am at, and the possibilities moving forward, at a price that is right.
I suspect I may have the Corona Virus to thank for that.

Oh, forgot to mention. There are about 3-4 SWR WM 15’s in my area on Offer up / Let Go. They are each $200, some look to be more worn then mine. The Guitar/pawn shop has one (the one I liked and had my eye on for about 2 months, for $149.99, and it is way more worn out. Tho I suspect I may have gotten it for $100 to $125 had I tried to offer.
So the $100 I paid was awesome.

There are a few WM cabinets out, all for $180 or higher, as well as another SWR line 4x10, and they all go for upwards of $350-$400.
The one I just got (put in storage) is really nice, so again, a steal for $100

Thank you Covid-19. You make GAS fun and affordable .


FWIW I had a TC BH250 briefly, before I decided I didn’t want an amp at all. It was defective on arrival and I returned it for refund.

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Yeah, I read the thread @howard. I am hoping that is a super rarity, cuz I really like the idea of that line, and I like TC Electronics. Plus @JoshFossgreen is one of their sponsored artists, or something to that affect. I am sure that at some point, maybe years from now when I can get one really cheap, if only to play with it, I will have one. No immediate plans for one however. Not after getting this awesome set up.

I have played several amps over the last decade and I have formed a couple opinions about amps that are non brand specific. It may be helpful, maybe not. First, an 8" speaker is too small in my opinion to give adequate frequency response to let your bass use it’s “entire” voice. I don’t even like 10s but they are popular because of the focused punch that they characteristically produce. I personally play through 12s but that’s mostly because I play in a lot of different places and acoustic situations. as far as power goes, I aim for running my amp about 50% with no preamp or effects. If it’s loud enough there, then it will serve you universally in most situations. My full stack goes 1kw but I usually only use half of it at about half power running passive. If you like the way your guitar sounds or your a tone freak, go with a larger speaker. If you see yourself playing in venues ranging in size from a room up to a small gymnasium, go about 500 watts and dial down. That rig should serve you as a buy once, one size fits all solution. If on the other hand, you like having different rigs then by all means do that. More gear is always better :O)


Great info and suggestions. Thanks for the input @Gorch

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