Amp Stand

Well, I had a mild case of GAS, and purchased an amp stand. Is it my imagination, or does it sound better off the floor? Someone told me the floor absorbs much of the sound quality, and it’ll project better on a stand.
I’m sure my neighbors will let me know.


I think it does, @PamPurrs . . . :slight_smile:

I have an “On Stage” amp stand which can tilt back at different angles.

Very happy with it, too! :+1:


Mine is a ProLine. It tilts back, but not adjustable. I can adjust the height however. I like the way it folds up so I can put it in my trunk if I ever go on a gig.


it does not always sounds “better” but it sounds different, because the resonnance frequency of the amp is not the same than the one of the couple [amp + floor]. small wheels under the amp works too :grin: but the stand adds the benefit to send the sound more easily in the direction of your ears, which is obviously a good thing.

I’d say it’s not a bad investment for a GAS crisis !


I didn’t even know amp stands existed, so, this is now another thing to maybe try :slight_smile: That Rumble amp looks nice on it too. I could see how it would sound different, I notice my amp sounds slightly different on say, carpeting, and different hard flooring types.


I had an OnStage like Joe, and it was great. Highly recommended.