Amp Stand

Well, I had a mild case of GAS, and purchased an amp stand. Is it my imagination, or does it sound better off the floor? Someone told me the floor absorbs much of the sound quality, and it’ll project better on a stand.
I’m sure my neighbors will let me know.


I think it does, @PamPurrs . . . :slight_smile:

I have an “On Stage” amp stand which can tilt back at different angles.

Very happy with it, too! :+1:


Mine is a ProLine. It tilts back, but not adjustable. I can adjust the height however. I like the way it folds up so I can put it in my trunk if I ever go on a gig.


it does not always sounds “better” but it sounds different, because the resonnance frequency of the amp is not the same than the one of the couple [amp + floor]. small wheels under the amp works too :grin: but the stand adds the benefit to send the sound more easily in the direction of your ears, which is obviously a good thing.

I’d say it’s not a bad investment for a GAS crisis !


I didn’t even know amp stands existed, so, this is now another thing to maybe try :slight_smile: That Rumble amp looks nice on it too. I could see how it would sound different, I notice my amp sounds slightly different on say, carpeting, and different hard flooring types.


I had an OnStage like Joe, and it was great. Highly recommended.


Reviving this thread with a homemade option…

I got the idea from a guy on talkbass about building my own cab/amp stand when I couldn’t find anything I really liked. I have the tilt-back kind like @PamPurrs has but it does not work with my newer Fearless cab very well.

So…first I needed a workbench, so built that…

Then, using/stealing with pride (why re-invent the wheel if you like the wheel) this design, I simply scaled it for the size I needed…

Was quite simple to build, two 2x2’ plywood pieces, two 8’ 1x2s, one 8’ 2x2s (sorry metric people), some construction screws and putty…

Like the guy on talkbass, I also have the Furman strip, so added a bit of wood on the back to mount it.

Some sanding, then to paint.
I used Durex, a really really durable paint that when applied with their textured roller, makes the wood look like Tollex.
Painting it took longer than building it, lots of nooks and crannies to brush in then get as close as possible with the textured roller.

Finished product…

Can also be used to cart cables, lunch, water, weed and headshots to sign for groupies.
Does it make a difference in the sound? Maybe? Sure? I don’t know.
But what I like now is I can spin the cab 90 degrees to the right have have it point to the other end of the room when I want to play over there vs being behind it, so that is cool.


Another great construction job! :+1:

Nice work, @John_E . . . looks very solidly built, too :wink:



'Ang on, 'ang on. Eine minuten, bitte.

You. built your workbench? From scratch?

I am in awe of people who can just… build stuff like that. I’m lucky that I was able to glue two picks together to make a string height gauge without hurting myself.


Yes. I’m ok at rough builds.
Finished the basement at my old house.
I’m not good at fine woodworking.
Moldings were…well… I put a lot of stuff in front of the ends. Haha


Man that’s cool, @John_E!

Very nice work @John_E there’s a real joy in making something. Even if it’s easier to buy it imho. I built one a few years ago for the same reason. Great minds etc…
If you’ve ever got any carpentry questions drop me a line.


Nice work @Barney! Way beyond my skill level.
I have the same sander, so that’s a start!


Yeah, but it is my job, so it had better be somewhat competent. Anyway the end result is almost unimportant sometimes; it’s the ‘doing of the thing’ that can bring the joy. I don’t see most of the things that I build. They live in other peoples homes, but I remember the fun I had in making them.
There is however, something satisfying about using an object that you made yourself. It’s very primal.


So true man.
I’ve done a lot of moving in the past few years so haven’t done much building of things or have a space to build it in, so it was finally time to build something.

I did make dividers for my mouthpiece drawers out of plastic stock and a carefully spun Dremel last year and was so happy about them. Like the amp stand, I couldn’t find what I wanted so figured, OK, how can I make this?

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